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Samsung Galaxy J1(2016) Goes on Sale in Dubai, Super AMOLED Display and LTE Onboard

We have known for a while that Samsung was bound to release a successor to the successful Galaxy J1. We even got to see...

Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Images Show Up on Twitter

The Galaxy J1 is Samsung's best-selling entry-level smartphone thanks mostly to its pricing. The device is now a year old since it was launched...

Samsung Prepping New Galaxy J1 Mini Smartphone, Leaks Reveal

Samsung's latest financial results from last quarter indicate that even though profits from the company's mobile division dipped once again, revenues and the number...

Samsung’s Focus on Kenya’s Low Cost Smartphone Segment to Continue with New Galaxy J1s and Tizen Devices

Samsung will be introducing into the Kenyan market some new devices as it seeks to consolidate its position as the dominant smartphone brand. While...

Low End Smartphone Segment Accounts for 160,000 Unit Sales Monthly in Kenya

ZTE is the latest smartphone company to establish a strong presence in the Kenyan mobile phone market. ZTE as a brand was popular in...

New Samsung Galaxy J1 Sibling Leaks

We've known for a while now that Samsung has been working on an expanded Galaxy J lineup in order to boost its budget smartphone...

Samsung readying Galaxy J5 and J7, already seeking approval in China

Samsung's Galaxy J1 has been in the market for a while. In Kenya, it is one of the very first LTE-ready low cost smartphones...
Galaxy J1

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G Review: Samsung’s Budget 4G Smartphone

 4G is a thing here in Kenya, now that we are just near fresh from the announcement by one telco Safaricom of their 4G...
Samsung Galaxy J1

Samsung’s New Budget Line-up Get’s a Face With Galaxy J1 SM-J100

What you should be aware of though is that Galaxy S is the flagship product that propelled Samsung to the top, now there...

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