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Internet Restrictions In Africa Motivated by Politics, Asia Experiences the Most

2024 has begun with the Senegalese and Sudanese governments shutting down the internet in parts of their countries. This bad practice is unfortunately just...

New: Senegal Shuts Down Mobile Internet, Election Postponed

The government of Senegal has officially suspended Mobile internet in the country. Beginning yesterday 10 pm, the Senegalese ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and Digital...

Asia, and Not Africa, Lead in Internet Shutdowns

Asia is the most censorship-intensive region worldwide, a study has revealed. So far, internet restriction cases have decreased by 14% worldwide in the first...

Algeria Shutdown the Internet, Again, To Curb Exam Cheating

Algeria's government made a "smart move" - in their opinion and shut down the internet on Wednesday, 20 June 2018. This move, they say,...
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South Sudan’s National Communication Authority Reportedly Shuts Down 3G Internet Services in the Country

The National Communication Authority of South Sudan has reportedly shut down internet services in the country following a fresh breakout of violence. Several people are...

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