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Chinese government expands ban to cover even more state firms

Apple Shares Slump as Chinese iPhone Ban Widens

China is seeking to widen its ban on iPhone use. Reports indicate the wider ban will cover state-backed firms and local government. Initially, the...
Samsung Galaxy S23 Lavender

Global Smartphone Shipments Decline, Samsung and Apple Lead, Xiaomi Slips

According to the most recent report from Canalys, there was a further decline in worldwide smartphone shipments during the January-March quarter. Approximately 269.8 million...

iPhones Can Now Access Safaricom 5G Services

Safaricom launched 5G services just a couple of days ago. However, availability is limited to select places, and you need to have a compatible...

EU Law Forces iPhones to Adopt USB-C by 2024

The European Parliament has voted to pass a law that will see the USB-C or as is commonly known type C enforced as the...

iOS 16 Goes Official, Here Are Its Key Features

Monday saw Apple announce a much-awaited software upgrade that all iPhone users had waited for, the iOS 16. The new Os made its debut...

Apple to Drop Lightning Port for This Common Port

The EU has reached a new provisional agreement that sets a common standard for charging electronic devices. The amended Radio Equipment Directive will harmonize...
iPhone 11

Production Issues Will Delay Availability of Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 12

Smartphone companies are feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in their industry that affecting their supply and manufacturing processes. Apple's upcoming iPhone 12...
Mo Salah

Liverpool’s Mo Salah is the Latest Victim of ‘Twitter for iPhone’ Marketing Blunder

Brands love using celebrities to publicize their wares. In this case, smartphone markers are known to splash substantial budgets for famous people, who are...
iPhone XR

Report Reveals the Best Selling Smartphone in 2019 Was an iPhone

Smartphone manufacturers ship millions of smartphones every year. Companies like Samsung, Apple, Huawei and others ship these phones around the world in their millions. However,...

Apple Doesn’t Allow Villains to use iPhones in Movies

We have seen movie characters use phones for so many years. From the days of payphones to the age of smartphones, protagonists and antagonists...
iPhone 11 Pro

10 Reasons Why You Would Consider an iPhone over an Android Phone

We are essentially in a duopoly market for smartphones. When people are either upgrading or buying a new smartphone, they consider either to get...
iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Predicted to Release iPhones Twice a Year Like Some Android Phones

Apple is known for their September release schedule for their iPhones. People know that that is the time they decide whether they need to...
iPhone VoLTE Safaricom

Apple Quietly adds Support For VoLTE to Safaricom Subscribers

Safaricom announced VoLTE support in June this year and it was a big deal. VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is a standard that delivers voice...
google photos iOS

Google Photos Loophole Gives ‘Newer’ iPhones Free Unlimited Original Quality Uploads

Google Photos is one Google service that is loved by many. Millions of users around the world use it to back and sync their...
iPhone XR

iPhone XS and XR Processors Will Start to Throttle With iOS 13.1

Smartphones have become increasingly more powerful over time and this puts a strain on batteries. Battery technology has not progressed as fast as chip...
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Price Drop Makes it a Powerful ‘Midrange’ Phone to Consider

Yesterday, Apple announced their new generation of iPhones, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro. They have updated cameras, updated processors, updated displays...
iPhones left out iOS 13 upgrade cycle

Older iPhones Left Out in the iOS 13 Upgrade Cycle

Yesterday, Apple unveiled iOS 13 features at their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). iOS 13 comes with new features and tweaks where the most notable...

4 Tips to transfer data from iPhone to new Huawei P30 Pro

Advanced mobiles are available with more memory and a strong processor to attract new customers. If you also need a new Huawei P30 Pro,...

FaceTime Bug Allowed You to Listen in Before Call Is Picked, Apple Issues Temporary Fix

Facetime bug let you listen in to someone conversations before they picked up your call. It was not long ago that Apple put on...
xiao wang

Millennial Who Sold Kidney For an iPhone 4 is Now Bedridden

You can never argue the fact that iPhones are one of the most coveted pieces of technology and the problem is that they are...
Nokia 3-1 buy

The Unforgiving Smartphone Market of Kenya

Most people consider their choice of smartphones an intimate affair. Nowadays, we spend more time on our phones than with actual human beings. This...

Apple Has Some Not-So-New iPhones, Google Discontinues the Email App No One Used and EU Wants to Kill the...

On Wednesday last week, Apple introduced new iPhones - there was no huge announcements as this is the S year from Apple products -...

Twitter Pulls the Plug on Alex Jones as Instagram Turns into an E-Commerce Platform

Conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones and Infowars get permanently banned from Twitter Alex Jones got axed from Twitter after confronting Oliver Darcy, a CNN journalist who had...
Xiaomi Redmi 5A

The World’s Best Selling Android Smartphone is a Xiaomi Device

I would have gone with the alternative title but I love Android and I am in denial. Well, according to stats from Strategy Analytics,...
Safaricom Shop

Safaricom Beats Apple to Launch the iPhone 10 Plus

No. You're not high. I am not high either. We know Safaricom is an amazing company and as much as the company has a...
Safaricom Basket of Gifts 2017

10 Deals to Grab From Safaricom’s Twaweza Basket of Gifts Promotion

Here's the lineup of deals Safaricom has for devices in the Twaweza Basket of Gifts promotion.
iPhone X

iPhone X Pre-Orders Open in Kenya Through Elite Digital Solutions

About a month ago, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched in Kenya and the highlight of that launch was that you could...
Old Tech

5 Tech-Related Products That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

10 years is not a short time but it seems even longer when you take a look back at how much the tech space...

3 Features on the New iPhones That Apple ‘Forgot’ to Mention in the Keynote

Apple forgot to 'mention' this features yet they are important

iPhone 8 Plus Specifications and Price in Kenya

The new iPhone 8 Plus looks a lot like its predecessor but with a glass back, wireless charging and a few internal improvements. The...

iPhone 8 Specifications and Price in Kenya

The new iPhone 8 looks a lot like its predecessor but with a glass back, wireless charging and a few internal improvements. The iPhone...

iPhone X Specifications and Price in Kenya

In a first for Apple, the company released a special edition iPhone dubbed iPhone X (read 10). The iPhone X takes the iPhone design...

A Quick Look at How Much iPhone Designs Have Changed Over the Years

Seeing that Apple has taken the wraps off its best iPhones yet for another year, we take a moment to reflect on how much...
Apple A11 Bionic

This is the iPhone X – Small Bezels, Big Screen and an Even Bigger Price

It has been ten years since Apple "defined" what a smartphone really is with the launch of the original iPhone. Despite being one of...

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