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Telkom Records the Poorest Mobile Data Speeds, Latency, and Consistency in Kenya

Data speeds feature as one of the most important aspects of mobile use cases in Kenya. Locals want to know which carrier is the...

MTN South Africa Beats Safaricom to Record Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds on The Continent

Mobile internet speeds are always a hot topic for discussion among consumers. Fast speeds are always better, but that always comes at a cost, because...

Amidst Plans to Ramp Up 4G Sites, Telkom Kenya Still Has a Poor Internet Consistency Score

Safaricom is once again the leading mobile operator in terms of mobile internet speeds in Kenya as of Q2, 2022. It topped the charts...

Latest Ping Results Show Faiba Is The Best Fixed Broadband Provider For Gamers

Internet performance details are here with us, having been put together by Ookla, a web service that provides free analysis of internet access metrics. The...

Mombasa Records the Fastest Mean Mobile Download and Upload Speeds in Kenya’s Cities

Ookla, the company concerned with global network intelligence testing and analysis, has released its 2021 third-quarter internet performance report on the state of Kenya's...

Safaricom and Faiba Ranked The Fastest Mobile and Broadband Providers

Ookla, also known as Speedtest.net, is a web platform that providers free analysis of internet performance metrics, including speeds and latency. The platform has released...
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Google Testing Own Internet Speed Test That Shows Up in Search Results

How do you usually determine how fast your internet is at any given time? For some people, loading Google's home page is the most...

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