Amidst Plans to Ramp Up 4G Sites, Telkom Kenya Still Has a Poor Internet Consistency Score


Safaricom is once again the leading mobile operator in terms of mobile internet speeds in Kenya as of Q2, 2022. It topped the charts following a reported median speed of 22.74 Mbps. Close to it is Airtel Kenya at 15.71 Mbps. Faiba came in third at 14.08 Mbps, and Telkom closed the ranking at a low 4.71 Mbps.

Latency for mobile operators has also been determined for the same period, but this time around, Safaricom is not at the top. Faiba leads the pack with 21 ms, followed by Airtel at 23 ms. Telkom and Safaricom are at the bottom at 28 ms and 30 ms, respectively.

In terms of consistency, Safaricom is still leading the other telcos. It scored a high consistency rate of 82.4 percent, followed by Airtel at 79.3 percent. Faiba came in third at 65.7 percent. Rounding up the list is Telkom Kenya at 40.5 percent. This is not surprising because Safaricom is the best-covered telco in the country. Its 4G and 3G coverage are beyond the 96 percent mark, and while the telco has been promising 100 percent LTE coverage from 2020, it has not achieved that milestone yet.

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The fastest phones that take advantage of mobile connectivity in Kenya are all iPhones, led by iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is then followed by iPhone 13 Pro Max, and then the iPhone 11. To note, this is just an analysis and does not imply that other devices are bad at linking up to mobile connections.

Finally, Mombasa recorded the fastest median mobile download speeds in Kenya at 23.59 Mbps. This has been the case in the last couple of quarters. It was followed by Kisumu at 19.38 Mbps, Nairobi at 17.89 Mbps, Eldoret at 15.53 Mbps, and Nakuru at 13.88 Mbps.

This assessment was recorded by speed testing firm Ookla. The data highlights the overall performance of telcos, devices, and regions where customers have the best internet connection experience.


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