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Signal vs Telegram vs WhatsApp

Privacy Apps You Should Download Right Now

Privacy and data security is becoming a major concern for both Android and iOS users. It’s not...
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Moving From WhatsApp? Signal Is a Far Better Option Than Telegram For Your Privacy

A lot of users have been exiting WhatsApp to other messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. Early last month,...
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Protect Your Privacy on Signal With These Tips

Signal has gotten a lot of attention recently as consumers switch from WhatsApp to other messaging apps that put their privacy and...

Snowden’s Favourite Messaging App Adds Disappearing Messages

Disappearing messages is the new hot feature being added to messaging apps and now Snowden can send these using his favourite messaging app

New Google Messaging App Allo’s End-to-End Encryption is Powered by the Same Tech As WhatsApp’s

  Google has a new messaging app, Allo, which was announced yesterday during the Google I/O 2016 opening keynote. One of the features of the...