Swiss Army Bans Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal Use for Staff, Recommends Threema


WhatsApp and Telegram are some of the most popular chat apps in the world.

Security-conscious people use Signal, which is also backed by some of the leading cyber security experts in the world, including whistleblower Edward Snowden.

However, the three apps have been banned from use by the Swiss army.

Instead, the Switzerland-born soldiers will use Threema, a chat app that is based in the European country.

The domestic app now takes precedence over the three said apps, because it apparently meets data protection requirements that the others do not have.

Threema does not fall under any legislation in other parts of the world such as the US. In the US, for example, local apps could be compelled to reveal user data for legal reasons.

Threema, being a European app, abides by GDRP.

However, it is not a free app such as the likes of WhatsApp and Telegram.

However, the Swiss army will pay the app’s annual fees for its staff.

It costs $4.35.

But what happens if members of the army continue to use the banned apps?

Well, there are no planned sanctions for groups that will do so, which means that they can use them, but it is not advised that they do for the said data security reasons.  

To note, the Swiss army has not banned other apps associated with WhatsApp, including Facebook and Messenger. Meta, which owns the apps, has been under immense pressure from regulators, including accusations that it prioritizes profits over the security of its apps.


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