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Telegram Messenger Hits 400 Million Users, Promises Group Video Calls in 2020

Today, Telegram has announced that they have hit the 400 million user mark, which is a huge milestone for the private company. It has taken...
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Telegram Finally Adds Channel Detailed Statistics But It Has a Twist

Telegram Messenger is loved by millions of people around the world for various things and one of them is channels. An individual or an...
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Disabling the “Contact Joined Telegram” Setting Never Works, This is Why

Telegram Messenger may not be as popular as WhatsApp but it has hundreds of millions of users around the world. People love it for...
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This Telegram Third-Party App Brings Order to Chaos

Third-party app clients are always the best, they bring new and unique features that are lacking in the main app. We've had excellent third...

Latest Telegram Update Adds Theme Editor 2.0, “Send When Online” and More Features

Telegram has brought new features with its latest update(5.13). The app has become popular among privacy-focused messaging apps and the rate at which it...

WhatsApp Building a UWP Desktop App, to Soon Add Multiplatform Support

WhatsApp is reportedly building a desktop app that will work without having your phone nearby as it is with WhatsApp web version. The giant...

Files Shared on WhatsApp and Telegram Are Vulnerable to Hackers

Instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Telegram have enabled a lot of people out there share stuff over their networks easily. They have become...

These Are the New Features Shipping with Telegram 5.8 for Android and iOS

Telegram is a very popular messaging app courtesy of the numerous features it continually ships with each update and the privacy controls it packs...

Telegram Hit by DDoS Attack, Founder Blames China for the Cyber-Attack

Secure messaging service Telegram faced a powerful distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack that appeared to have come from China. Pavel Durov, Telegram CEO shared...
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Telegram X for iOS Has Been Discontinued

Telegram has now discontinued its Telegram X app for iOS devices. The popular messaging app started informing users that the code for Telegram X...

Telegram Founder Slams WhatsApp Over Security Lapses

One of the biggest news for the week is the one regarding WhatsApp's security. Researchers found a critical vulnerability on WhatsApp voice calls that...

Zimbabweans are Turning to Telegram After Internet Ban

Zimbabwe recently decided to ban Internet access to its citizens and this was confirmed by the owner of the largest telecommunications company in the...

Privacy Apps You Should Download Right Now

Privacy apps will become essential to you as 2019 approaches especially since multiple data privacy scandals rocked 2018. This year has experienced high profile...
Safaricom Zuri

Safaricom’s Zuri Bot Brings Customer Service to Messaging Apps

Ever since Kenyan brands started using social media to actively offer customer service, things have really improved. One no longer has to wait for...
Facebook's Mark Zukerberg

Hillary Clinton Wants to Run Facebook,GDPR Mayhem,Spiegel’s Shade and Other Tech Stories from This Week

In this week's Clicked, we delve in how companies are panicking in reaction to GDPR,Papua New Guinea banning Facebook but not with good intentions,Facebook...
telegram desktop zero day exploit kaspersky

Hackers Exploited a Loophole in Telegram Desktop to Spread Malware

Any platform that is built on software has a potential of being hacked and that is why companies employ people that make sure that...

[Update: It is back!] Apple’s App Store Shows Popular Messaging App Telegram the Door

It is not always that we see popular apps being booted from app stores of different smartphone ecosystems. In fact, the only time this...
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Telegram Messenger Plans To Launch Their Own Native Cryptocurrency

This move by Telegram has a lot of potential

Telegram 4.4 Gives its Media Player a Facelift, Live Location Sharing in Tow

If I start explaining why Telegram rocks, I will take a lot of your time but in sum, we all know that the app...

Telegram Will Remove Terrorism Related Content After Indonesia Banned The Service

Telegram, just like any other social network, grapples with the fact that terrorists use their platforms to aid in pushing their agenda in the...
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Which Messaging App Ticks Most Security Boxes?

It is highly probable that you use one, two or more messaging apps in your phone. I have four 1) Hangouts because it comes...

Five Tips to Get You Using Telegram Messenger App Like a Pro

Telegram Messenger is one of the best things to happen to smartphone communication, if you have disagreements, please feel free to present them in...
telegram channel ministry of interior kenya

Kenya’s Interior Ministry Now Sends Out Security Alerts via Telegram

Kenyan government institutions are starting to embrace Telegram Messenger's features like channels

Telegram’s Latest Update Brings Video Messages, Bot Payments and Instant View for Everyone

Telegram has proven time and time again that it is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to features and true to this,...
Polls in Social Media Apps

Why Brands Use Polls in Social Media Apps

Polls diversify understanding of a given situation in real time and impart a sense of togetherness with brands since the mode of communication is open ended.

Telegram’s Latest Update Adds Secure, AI-Powered Voice Calls Feature

We have known for a while that Telegram has been working on the voice calling feature, well after WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger added...

The App Gap: Why Apps Won’t Matter in the Future

In the 1990s, everyone wanted to have a website, it was the in-thing, it was "cool". From 2013 upwards, every company and service wanted...

Telegram Messenger Adds Custom Themes On The Android App

  Themes are not new in the market as we have custom themes on our smartphones or previously on social networks like Twitter where you...

Viber Now Lets Users Decide Whether to Keep Photos and Videos Permanently in Conversations or Not

"Make your conversations more meaningful by choosing what stays and what goes."

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