Mark Wilson - MD SYSPRO Africa

Manufacturing Stays Stable Despite Harrowing COVID-19 Second Wave

The better part of 2020 has not been very good for people and businesses, including manufacturing companies following the start of the...

Addressing a Manufacturing Crisis During the Pandemic Using ERP Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented health and human crisis. The virus is highly infectious, and at the moment, there is...

Manufacturing Picks Extensive Use of the Cloud and ERP Amid the Pandemic

Manufacturing companies have been adopting cloud and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for their operations. This development has also become more visible...
Mark Wilson SYSPRO

Future of Manufacturing is Bright as 53 percent Kenya Firms Plan to Automate Services

In a market that is striving to bump up the performance of its manufacturing sector, it can safely be concluded that the industry is...
Mark Wilson - MD SYSPRO Africa

ERP Firm SYSPRO Cites Severe Lack of Expert Manufacturing Skills in Kenya in New Report

Less than two years ago, SYSPRO, a technology organization that specializes in software development and the provision of integrated business software for manufacturing firms,...

SYSPRO, a South African-Based ICT Firm Sets Base in Kenya to Target Manufacturers and Distributors

South Africa’s SYSPRO, which specializes in software development and providing integrated business software for manufacturing, distribution and accounting, to name a few, has officially...