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SYSPRO KenyaSouth Africa’s SYSPRO, which specializes in software development and providing integrated business software for manufacturing, distribution and accounting, to name a few, has officially opened an office in Kenya. The company’s local station in Nairobi will serve the East African region (Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia) as provider for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for a variety of industries.

The corporation, which serves more than 15,000 enterprises across the globe in over 60 countries has been in operation since 1978. Most of its clients are based in the U.S., but it has a wider reach in Asia as well. It should be noted that its operations in East Africa were started about 20 years ago with a number of clients. However, this is the first time SYSPRO has decided to open an office in this region.

At the launch event held earlier today, the Managing Director of SYSPRO Africa, Mr. Mark Wilson said that the use of enterprise software has become critical in manufacturing and distribution. He added that the firm is developing new products for the Kenyan market. Specifically, it has been noted that a lot of local businesses require modernization of their processes. Manufacturers have to adapt to complex business demands and the dynamic nature of the economics of production. Thus, SYSPRO believes that it has the ICT capabilities to help such institutions in facilitating and managing complexities, as well as integrating modern trends in their mandate, which goes in line with the digital revolution and globalization.

Also present was Mr. Patrick Wafula, SYSPRO’s General Manger for East Africa.

“Kenya has a large manufacturing sector serving both local and regional markets. This presents an attractive investment opportunity. We see our role in the East African region as an ICT enabler for manufacturers, providing access to industry-specific solutions and driving increased adoption of ICT in both manufacturing and distribution sectors,” said Mr. Wafula.

SYSPRO wants to be part of businesses that are willing to accept global expansion by offering global solutions.

Another key guest in the event was John Sergon, the ICT Director in the Ministry of ICT. He echoes the importance of ICT in manufacturing, which acts as a stepping stone in meeting Vision 2030 goals.

“While great advancement has been made – there is still work to be done in driving ICT adoption within our manufacturing sector. While education of staff, partnerships with the correct providers and strategies such as Vision 2030 are all crucial building blocks in achieving this – investment also plays a vital role in streamlining and cementing a success ‘road to complete ICT adoption’,” noted Mr. Sergon.

In terms manufacturing, which is a diverse field by definition, SYSPRO believes that is can offer solutions that can make processes more cost effective and optimize their offerings. Ideally, businesses can get better visibility of their operations, among other key benefits.

“Opening an office in Kenya comes as a result of recognizing the potential that the region has to offer. We are extremely excited for what’s to come in the next few months. We are also eager to explore the opportunities that this will present to the manufacturing sector,” concluded Wilson.

For those interested in pricing of these solutions, there is no base numbers because of the complexities of manufacturing and distribution models among several industries. In other words, pricing will depend on the processes a business uses.


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