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charles mwangi leaves tesla

Charles Mwangi Leaves Tesla For a Secretive Startup

Charles Mwangi, Tesla's former Senior Director of Engineering announced recently on LinkedIn that he has decided to leave the company after 6 years. "After slightly...
Tesla 6.3 Design

Tesla 6.3 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Aside from, carrying a very famous name in the tech space, the Tesla 6.3 has quite the spec sheet on paper with a lot...
Tesla 6.3

Tesla 6.3 Review – A Really Good Budget Phone Stuck in 2017

How many times do you blink per minute? That seems to be how fast smartphones are being launched in Kenya. Anyway, exaggeration aside, there's...
Elon Musk - Tesla

Elon Musk’s 420 Tweet Costs Him and Tesla $20 Million Each

Elon Musk hasn't been one to shy from controversy. The brainchild of Tesla has more than once been associated with more than one actions...

Self-Driving Cars Should Not Excite You, Not Yet

Self-driving cars are a reality, companies such as Tesla and Google have been at the fore front pushing for this technology. We already have...

Tesla has received 276,000 Pre-orders for its Model 3, worth more than $10 Billion

We all know Tesla, the electric vehicle company headed by Billionaire and nerd extraordinaire Elon Musk. Founded in 2003, Tesla has managed to marvel...
Windows phone

Microsoft Planning For A Selfie Phone And High End Windows Phone Release

The future is blue, not green. Even after that huge campaign about the fast lane to Android Apps by Microsoft Mobile (Nokia). This is...