Microsoft Planning For A Selfie Phone And High End Windows Phone Release

Windows phone

Windows phoneThe future is blue, not green. Even after that huge campaign about the fast lane to Android Apps by Microsoft Mobile (Nokia). This is after the recent announcement by CEO Satya Nadella that Android and Microsoft relationship will be short-lived, that includes the low end Asha devices. Lumia 530 is here and clearly shows that Microsoft is angling it for the entry level with a EUR 85 price.

Now Tom Warren of The Verge has it that two new devices are on the way, one to replace the Lumia 720 which has been end of life for quite some time at the mid range and another which has not been exactly positioned at a definite price range, is what is called the selfie phone. The selfie phone is said to bear a 5 MP front camera for selfies like the recently announced Sony C3. Display is said to be 4.7 inch and the codename is Superman.

Whether this device is the next Lumia 1020 or Lumia 820 successor we do not know at this point. The Lumia 720 replacement (Lumia 730) on the other had is said to be code-named Tesla which will carry the same design I love of the Lumia 930, only slimmer and lighter. Probably it will be anorexic as a result of lack of inbuilt NFC as they did with previous Lumia 925 which had NFC tags complimented by wireless charging/NFC back cover. Or miss NFC altogether.

We do not know if Nokia will have a Nokia World event or we will get to see these devices at IFA later in the year in Berlin. Reminder here too that the Lumia 1320 and Lumia 1520 are headed to being a year old and this does mean something for the second half announcement expectations.