Top 10 Gadgets For Men


Gadgets make our life easy and not to forget, enjoyable. When it comes to men, they have always loved owning gadgets. They can forever be seen looking for new gadgets that make their life easier and even more filled with fun. Gadgets make perfect gifts for men and they are the best bet, if you are planning to gift them to someone special in your life. In this article, I have listed the top 10 gadgets for men. If you are a man, go ahead and choose from the list, a gadget that best meets your presents. In case of girls, they can select a few of them to present to their boyfriend, husband or even father, for that matter.

Ten Best Gadgets For Guys

Open Air Home Screen
An inflatable theater screen enables you to set up a home theater in your yard when the weather is warm and enjoy some exciting and thrilling movies alone or with your buddies. It consists of a blower fan that helps you to set up the screen fast, without damaging your lungs. These screens come in varying sizes – of 16-foot, 12-foot and 9-foot, so that you can select the one perfect for you.

Multi-Room Music System

This gadget allows you to listen to music throughout the house without leaving the room. The system distribute music wirelessly through any abode, be it iPhone, iPod, or any online music site. You can play different tunes in different rooms or play the same song in all zones.

Digital Voice Recorder

The digital voice recorder helps you to record all your speeches, letters and presentations without your secretary having to write them down. The recorder has a USB cable that can be plugged in directly to the PC, thus enabling you to download all recorder audio files. The quality of the voice recorded is great and makes it a must have gadget for men.

Portable DVD Player
Traveling becomes boring, especially on long journeys. Get an ultra-thin portable DVD player and make your next business trip an enjoyable tour. This player enables you to enjoy sensational movies anytime, anywhere. You do not have to necessarily engage in a boring conversation with a stranger sitting besides you.

Keychain Alcohol Detector

This gadget will help you avoid mixing drinking and driving. You can test your own alcohol level the next time you drive. The detector accurately distinguishes amongst the five levels of blood alcohol content (BAC). Its small size enables you to fit in into your keychain.

Cordless Headphones
These headphones are equipped with a detachable cord, making them a convenient gadget. An ideal gadget for men on-the-go, cordless headphones can be used for any number of devices. They are active in noise-cancelling and are compatible with Apple iPod, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Iceless Wine Chiller
This is an excellent gadget that quickly chills and serves your favorite wines. It is capable of chilling or warming 40 types of red, white and sparkling wine, to the optimum serving temperature. It is equipped with a special “Quick chill function” to speedily cool or warm your wine, thus serving as an ideal for last-minute get-togethers or unexpected guests.

LED Mobile TV

The new mobile TVs are handy, hand-held devices, measuring only a few inches – more precisely 7, 9 and 10 inches. Offering 800 by 480-pixel resolution, these TVs have a LED backlighting.

Nose and Ear Trimmer
This trimmer offers you a painless method to remove your hair, with no fuss, no irritation and no tugging. The motor and blade systems trim ultra close, without touching your skin for greater safety.

6-in1 LED Multi Tool
This pocketsize multi-tool offers you everything, right from quick fixes to a bright light. Made of rugged, lightweight stainless steel, this gadget is easy to fold down for safe and easy carrying. It includes six essential tools, namely pocket knife, pliers, mini saw, flat screwdriver, screwdriver and bottle opener, apart from LED flashlight.


  1. I think it is impossible to find the perfect gift for a person online, as it needs to be really personal and come from the heart. This might be the best adive you can get, but doesn’t make it any easier to find something special.:-)

  2. I think it isn’t so hard to find a prefect gift for a guy, as most of them are just happy if they get something. At least that is my opinion. So to the girls just be nice.

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