Tech Gadgets That Enhance Your Décor

smart home

Technology has taken a major place in our lives, and as such, we cannot spend even a few hours without it. What’s more, we are more concerned about our gadgets more than humanity. For example, if you don’t find a phone in your pocket, you might have a mini heart attack. However, if you see a person in an accident, do you always run to help or feel bad about it? Perhaps not.

This is why when it comes to home décor, you can also make use of the technology. If you are looking for futuristic furniture, you can check out Urban Ladder or any other furniture manufacturer. However, if you are looking for ideas to turn your home into a great one using some tech gadgets, here are some cool ones.

Pouring Light Lamp

This is a great idea, where the lamp uses LED lights situated in a bucket and phosphorous in the water to light it up. The visual interpretation is similar to when you pour a glass of water in a vessel.

Senzo Nightlight

Isn’t it frustrating when you wake up in the night and cannot find the light switch to turn it on? This can be solved by the Senzo nightlight, which lights up the entire room when you touch the walls surrounding it.

Eco Cleaner

We all hate doing dishes. So, Eco Cleaner is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to try avoiding doing dishes. Without any detergents, this geeky equipment, ionize the waste products and convert them into reusable compost for plants. So, not only, you don’t do dishes, but also you have the option of using those fertilizers in your indoor or outdoor gardens.

Weed eater

As homeowners, we are all well aware of the scourge that is summer weeds. They sprout up like, well, weeds, and when all that you have at your disposal to combat the problem is your own two hands, things can start to feel futile pretty fast. Thank goodness for the lightweight weed eater! You know that you want one, but you barely even have time in your schedule to use it, let alone do the research required to pick a good one.

IQ Alarm Clock

Do you hate getting up in the morning every day? Admit it or not, we all love that extra sleep when we can squeeze in, and we love hitting the snooze button repeatedly. This is why you need the IQ alarm clock, which will stop you from repeating this bad habit. In this clock, instead of the normal snooze button, you would need to solve a quick maths or answer a riddle or even try out a tongue twister. Only when you get the answer correct can you turn the alarm off. So, by the time the alarm is off, you’d be not feeling sleepy.


Having a warm bed is a great thing, especially in the cool winter months, when you are freezing. So the concept behind Bediator is providing you with a warm bed no matter what the situation and the weather. It can balance two medium sized person and would be a great addition to your room if you love sleeping and are planning for a geeky outlook.

So, now that you know about these interesting ideas, it is time to get started on the changing your home décor to make it more geeky. While you are at it, bring out the inner geek in you, and see how it can impact your life.


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