Twenty ten theme changed to version 1.1


The default theme in WordPress 3.0 has been updated to version 1.1.  If your running WordPress 3.0 you should find an update indicator in your admin panel under Dashboard > Updates.twentyten This is the update message in the updates page: The following themes have new versions available. Check the ones you want to update and then click “Update Themes”.

WordPress Developer, Andrew Nacin reacted to questions by users in the   WordPress Support Themes and Templates forum to confirm the changes.

Hey all —

The only real change is that I removed the half-baked code using the wp_title hook in order to customize the page title, and instead the code was moved back into header.php and simplified a little.

I can call it half-baked because I was the one who wrote it. It interfered with some plugins and so we yanked it. Twenty Ten is also likely going to be picked apart by up-and-coming theme developers, and I didn’t want my inventive technique to gain any traction. (I’d much prefer we introduce a replacement wp_title(), which you’ll likely see in a future release.)

We also made a few minor changes to attachment/media styling and markup. Just some tiny improvements for a few edge cases.

There’s a ton of other small changes in there — style.css for example — but they’re all stylistic. (Ha! — get it?) We alphabetized the CSS properties because that’s what the theme guys like. 🙂

I see Mo already posted the full diff. If you’d prefer for your head to not explode, here’s the log of commit messages:

Hope that helps.


The details are in this link the developer provided to show the log of the changes.