Tips on Choosing the best Domain


If you have a dream of having an online business, probably choosing the right domain is likely to be the most basic and significant aspect that you might consider. A domain name is unique for every website and they are sold by online brokers at a small fee which is regulated by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) mostly on yearly basis. The key to successful E-business is in the choosing of the right domain that defines your core business to the world in real time.domain-name-ideas

These are two kinds of domains: keyword domains and branded domains. Keyword domains are web URL(Universal Resource Locator),that perfectly match to a product or service or popular phrases. e.g. If your product is Sukuma wiki, the domain can be These are the best domains to have for your business but unfortunately most of them have been are already taken and sometimes are sold by specific individuals at a rather more expensive price. They have a number of advantages include SEO(Search Engine Optimization),Anchor Text and also incur low advertising costs.
Branded domains are a little more interesting because they do not use keyword as their domain name.Companies like google,yahoo,Amazon,Monster, E-bay among others have developed their brands because of quality of service. However, it might require a lot of resources and time.

Choosing an extension also is important as it defines the category in which your business lies. This will help especially in getting targeted traffic to your website.
Some of the popular extensions include:
.biz -Restricted to Businesses web sites
.com– Most used extension in web – stands for commercial
.coop -Reserved for cooperative association’s
.info– stands for information
.name -Reserved for individuals
.net-commonly used extension and stands for Network
.org-commonly used extension and stands for Organization
.pro -Restricted to credentialed professiona

I am sure that when you choose the correct domain, whether keyword or branded, and the appropriate extension your can be sure of increasing the traffic in your site which will lead to business growth.