Google introduces voice calls


While Kenyans are busy haggling over which mobile service provider offers the cheapest rate, google was at it with voice call. Launched today, google voice call will enable you to call right from your inbox, provided you are a gmail user. What should surprise the mobile subscribers it that it is already available in the US at very low rates, and will roll out worldwide soon. So if you are travelling and are not willing to use mobile roaming because for some reason the roaming charges are high or possibly you are out of coverage, this will come in handy. Will work in your gmail inbox. So this is how it works:

  • First this works for gmail users, so as obvious you will require an account at gmail.
  • You will need to  install voice and video chat in your computer.
  • Check the box next to Google Chat in your list of forwarding phones and the next time someone calls your Google Voice number, Gmail will notify you of an incoming call. You can take the call or even listen in as the caller leaves a message, in a single step right from your computer.

google voice

  • To make a call, just click the Call phone link in Gmail and enter any number or name from your address book.

google voice chat All the calls you make from google voice will show your google voice phone number as the outbound caller ID and all international calls will use your Google Voice calling credit. Here is the video


  1. I find this exemplary useful especially in a place where you will have to incur roaming services when moving from one network to another.Google is really stepping up its game.Keep us updated.Thanks.

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