Some great Kenyan Tech bloggers you should follow

Aly Khan Satchu
Most of the bloggers in kenya do have a fulltime product they are selling and do blogging to talk to the world when they have time.
I’ve compiled a small list of technology bloggers worth your time.
I wont include myself in this list as i can well see you are following me, congratulations for that, i wont say am great, you may. One thing is almost common among these bloggers, is most of them are young proffesionals who stop at nothing to come up with a good product in their areas of specialization and are what i would call Techpreneurs.
1-Aly-Khan Satchu
Aly-Khan Satchu is an investment banker and the proprietor of the intuitive website – an open resource for tracking live prices on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. He is the author of the book ‘Anyone Can Be Rich’ a useful guide to investing in the Kenyan markets. He features regularly on CNBC Africa analysing the markets, Al-Jazeera and has a daily column in the Kenyan newspaper Nairobi Star. As a techpreneur Aly-Khan is also a prolific tweeter on the markets in general and geopolitics which he follows continuously. Follow him on twitter @alykhansatchu.
2-Robert Alai blogger
Robert Alai
Robert Alai is the Editor of Techmtaa, an internet evangelist, ICT Vision 2012 convenor, a world changer and staunch supporter of red shirts and overthrow of dictators anywhere. Robert has been writing-for and moderating blogs, forums and chat rooms since 2005. Other experience includes Logistics Management in humanitarian field, deploying Windows and Linux networks and installation of VSAT and Free-to-Air TV. Additionally, Robert is specifically trained in System Analysis and Design and is currently pursuing Software Engineering in one of the local universities.
Robert’s passion is Kenya. He believes that Kenyans should get a priority everywhere and any other nationality comes. Follow him @robertalai.
Kachwanya blogger
Kachwanya is a soft spoken geek who does more than he speaks.
He has been blogging for the last two years, mostly about internet connections in Kenya, mobile phones, e commerce, social media and social networks like which he co-founded. He is among the three guys who started Maduqa , an e-commerce website, and basically runs the operations of Maduqa Limited. Kachwanya also runs Finweb Solutions Limited,a software development company.
He blogs his heart out at whose three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 172,080 at the moment. Follow Kachwanya @kachwanya
4- Marvin Tumbo
Marvin Tumbo blogger
Marvin Tumbo is the C.E.O of Socialight Media Kenya, the premier social media solutions provider in the country. He consistently writes on the state of social media in Kenya at his Socialight Media Kenya blog.
He studied Sociology and Economics at Egerton University and it is the in-depth comprehension of the two in addition to appreciation of technology that make him uniquely placed as a thought leader on social media in Kenya.
In his university days, he was the Vice President of AIESEC in Egerton where his management and leadership experiences were nurtured and prepared him for entrepreneurship and business leadership.
Socialight Media is Kenya is the go-to company for social media solutions in this age of New Media where they help businesses leverage social media for their respective business objectives. Marvin Tumbo can be found at @Marvintumbo.
5- Mbugua Njihia
Mbugua Njihia blogger
Mbugua Njihia and his group at Symbiotic are the brains behind Zunguka ,an African Mobile and Web Social Network,TumaSMS – a communication service that will allow registered users to send SMS cheaply from their Web Browser or phone, Sembuse ,  a nifty mobile application that makes it easy and so cheap for Africans in Africa and around the world to communicate as well as create value for them and the advertisers who support them. HE studied Management Information Systems in his 5th and 6th years of high school and International Business Administration at University. In the 5th and 6th year of high school he had access to a dialup connection and unlimited hours in the lab. That is where the foundations were laid, where theory met practice and experimentation and where on a little red book the vision of what is coming together as Symbiotic was born. As a 2 week old freshman at the United States International University, he won the inaugural Students in Free Enterprise Business plan competition beating even 4th year students. That validated his business plan, as one of the judges said “Mbugua…this is explosive and cutting edge”. Mbugua Njihia blogs at and you may follow him on twitter at @mbuguanjihia
6- Moses Kemibaro
Moses Kemibaro blogger
Moses is the Co-founder and Managing Director, Dotsavvy – Nairobi, Kenya, a leading digital agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is involved in management leadership and business development. Moses has been involved growing Dotsavvy from a two person outfit to a seventeen person agency with over 100 clients throughout East Africa. Some of their key accounts include Old Mutual Kenya, Tanga Cement, The Co-operative Bank of Kenya, NIC Bank, CFC Life and many others.
Before Dot Savvy, Moses has worked for 3mice Interactive media as Business Development Manager, Africaonline as Major Account Manager, Sales and marketing Manager-Kenyaweb, Mombasa.
Mr Kemibaro blogs at moseskemibaro and you may follow him @moseskemibaro.
7- Rebecca Wanjiku
Rebbecah Wanjiku blogger
Ladies, dont feel left out, you are also represented in this field.Rebecca is a technology journalist and blogger based in Nairobi,and has worked in print and online media based in Kenya and abroad.
Wanjiku’s interest in technology started in 2003 when she attended training on Information Society at Rhodes University in South Africa. She also covered the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) heads of state meeting and its preparatory meetings in Geneva.From then, it became clear to her that technology had a major role to play in Africa’s development and she wanted to be part of the change. So, she shifted from writing from the courts to technology. This helps her grounding as a writer because she understands defamation very well.
But it is the coverage of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that has given her immense insight to some of the technology challenges that Africa faces. From apathy, slow decision making processes to lack of understanding on some of the technology issues.
She blogs at and you may follow her at @wanjiku “you should trademark that name”
If i may have left out any other, no pun, these are the main ones i follow and you may know other more inspirational bloggers, kindly propose them in the comments section for us to follow.