How to get followers on twitter without any software

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Currently there are so many solutions online on how-to’s of twitter. Most of them being how to get zillions of followers, promising instant results. Many of them can make or break you. You need to choose wisely when choosing what method to use. Well, most of us would definitely agree that they want many followers at their beck, judging by the old age business saying that your network is your net worth.twitter follow

That said you get people saying how a certain software will assist you get these followers. Lemme tell you the downside of that, people hate robots, and as soon as they realize they are following a links robot, that is probably tweeting links about a certain auction in Kazakhstan (you probably have or never will be there, so its plain useless) they will unfollow you like yesterday. Now i don’t mean to put off people sending out links, but there is a better way of surrounding yourself with a smaller group of tweeps that will care about your links.

Case study: How many will click on a link sent by a humour username like @notgareybusey? Many will coz humour is global. But saying you have this nice auction in the middle of nowhere, will be of use only to the “nowhereians” -how would you better call them? And you will definately make a sale from them. So mass following is a no-no.

So you may ask, which is this new found way? Am not offering something you had not thought about. Neither is it a well researched theory, just some basic stuff i apply and they give results.

Just pick 5 of your friends randomly. Click on their followers. For each of these, follow atleast two pages of a list of tweeps. And viola! wait for a few hours and you will have a minimum of 20 new twitter followers.  It looks simple, but just try to figure this:

  • The new followers are probably close to you, only that they had not known of your existence.
  • These people are the kind that will gladly follow you, they did that to your friends
  • They probably are new people looking to understand twitter, so your links and tweets will be important
  • They will probably be happy to have a new follower and may even initiate a tweet conversation with you.

So go ahead and try that, do you feel there is a better way of feel my method is archaic? Tell me so via the comment section. And follow me, i follow back. 🙂


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