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Twitter Dark Mode

Tips to Mute COVID-19 Related Content on Twitter

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a far-reaching impact on everyone - mentally, physically and emotionally. We're all trying to cope with the mixed feelings that come as...
uhuru kenyatta

Kenya’s President Twitter Account Resurfaces, But it is Not What You Think

Heads of States all over the world have embraced social media and they have official accounts that people interact with. Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta, had...
Coronavirus disease COVID-19

[UPDATED] Impact of Coronavirus(COVID-19) on Tech Companies So Far

  Coronavirus(COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 has brought panic across the world. The viral outbreak occurred just before the Lunar New Year in China - a time...
twitter fleets

Twitter Announces Fleets Which Are Tweets in Stories Format

The ephemeral storytelling format was popularized by Snapchat and it involved sharing texts, photos or videos that disappear within 24 hours. It was later...
huawei app gallery facebook instagram twitter

Huawei’s CEO Believes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Will Come to App Gallery

Huawei is still on the United States entity list which bars it from transacting with American companies. This has forced them to release phones...
twitter loads 4k photos on iOS

Twitter Adds “4K” Viewing Option For Photos on iOS

Uploading media to social networks is one of the most basic things we do now. When you upload content on Twitter for example, they...
Twitter Emoji Reactions

How to Use Twitter’s Emoji Reactions in Your DMs

Finally, after months of waiting, Twitter has finally rolled out emoji reactions. With this feature, you can add a reaction to direct messages using...

Clicked: Alphabet Joins the Trillion-Dollar Club Plus More ICYMI Tech Stories

It has been a rollercoaster this past week in terms of what tech giants have been up to and Clicked is here to break...

Twitter to Soon Bring Scheduled Tweets on the Web and Pinned Lists on Android

Since we're not getting the edit button on Twitter anytime soon, here are some features we should expect in the near future. 9to5Google recently...
Twitter will remove dormant accounts

Twitter Is Probably Not Going to Have an Edit Button According to Jack Dorsey

Twitter launched in March 2006 and they've been bringing new features such Topics, Dark mode, Lists, Tabs for Topics, Lists and Bookmarks, revamped their...
twitter money

Twitter is Considering Allowing People to Send Each Other Money

Twitter is considering the possibility of allowing people to send each other money due to their tweets

US and Iran Escalate their Beef, Twitter Jokes about World War III

Today, the United States confirmed that they were behind the strike that killed Qassim Suleimani, a powerful Iranian general. Iran responded by saying that...
Twitter Dark Mode

How to Secure Your Twitter Account In 2020

It's 2020. A new decade. A new year. Protecting your social media accounts is becoming just as important as securing your online shopping and...

Mariah Carey Started the Year With Her Twitter Account Getting Hacked

All I want for Christmas is not getting my Twitter account hacked but here we are - at least for Mariah Carey. Her Twitter...
twitter cracks down on apng

Twitter Cracks Down on Those Fun Multiple Animated Photos You’ve Been Seeing Lately

Fun time is over folks. Twitter will from today crack down on those fun APNGs that people have been uploading lately.
KCB CEO Joshua Oigara

KCB’s Twitter Account Goes Beyond Privacy to Expose a Customer’s Account Balance

Banking services are encouraging users to use online services for many reasons: it makes them reach their customers easily, and those channels are leveraged...
Twitter Retweets account

Twitter Launches Twitter Retweets to Showcase the Best Tweets on Its Platform

Twitter is trying to be more fun as it launched Twitter Retweets, the latest account from the platform that aims to highlight the best...

GDPR Laws Drive Twitter to Switch Non-EU Users Across the Pond to California

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) by the European Union(EU) came into effect last year and Twitter is now planning to move its non-EU and non-U.S...
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

DuckDuckGo Gets a Huge Endorsement from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Privacy. This topic has been the taken centre stage this year as companies rushed to introduce features that ensure users privacy is taken seriously....

Twitter Partly Suspends Inactive Accounts Deletion, Has Plans to Memorialize Accounts

Twitter has suspended account deletion that was slated to happen next month, but that doesn't apply to everyone
Jack Dorsey

Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey is Cruising Through Africa, But He’s Not Stopping in Kenya

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of social media platform, Twitter, has been traversing Africa for the better part of November 2019. Jack, who is popular...
Twitter will remove dormant accounts

Twitter Will Take Action on Dormant Accounts Next Month

Twitter will take action on the numerous dormant accounts in its platform next month

Instagram Will Sponsor IGTV Creators Only If They Don’t Film Anything About Politics or Social Issues

Instagram really wants it long video platform, IGTV to succeed. It is now willing to cover the video production costs for IGTV creators but...
Twitter will remove dormant accounts

Twitter Thinks Emojis Will Help Promote Healthier Conversations on the Platform

Twitter is rethinking how people interact on its platform in a bid to fight harassment that goes on the social media giant. The company...
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Saudi Arabia Reported to Have Planted Two Spies Inside Twitter Inc.

If you have watched the critically acclaimed TV show The Americans, you would see the extent at which people go to gain access to...

[UPDATE: Ability to Browse Topics] Twitter Intros Topics as a Way to Personalize Interests Based Timelines

MORE UPDATES BELOW. Twitter really wants people to stick to its platform especially for power users and still be able to attract new users...

Twitter May Soon Let Users Disable Retweets

Twitter is working on bringing new features on its platform in a move to fight harassment on the social media giant. Right after banning...
facebook new logo

Twitter Reacts to the New Facebook Logo

Facebook now has a new flat logo to separate itself from its products. The new Facebook logo distinguishes the Facebook company from the Facebook...

Twitter Will Ban Political Ads Globally Starting November 22

Late last night local time, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posted on his platform in a series of tweets that his company will ban all...

This Twitter App Lets You Easily Find Quoted Tweets

When Twitter first started it had way fewer features than it has at the moment. As the social network gained users, the platform started...

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