Facebook closure, what would it mean?

mark zuckerberg

Stories have been going on about a possible closure of facebook in mid March. Well, am not verifiying that as there is no formal communication from the facebook blog. But picture what would happen if this were true.

  • First all the friends who used to hang onto your juicy wall updates and vice versa would be no more. A percentage of users who have accounts in other social networks like twitter , zorpia (wait a minute, do zorpia and fanbox still exist?) or myspace would feel a lesser pinch. Secondly there would be a mass exodus to twitter and others like @joliea offering crash courses on twitter usage.

Jokes aside, if its true this guy has decided to call it quits, there would be a mass internet upset, as could be judged by this trendingtopic #WhenFacebookDies

  • Internet users who only rely on Facebook for entertainment, updates, news, dating and general pleasures would be seriously shocked. It would be like a man being told to start wearing stilettos.
  • Website and blog writers like me would have reduced readership because most readers go to most sites having clicked links from facebook and other social media.
  • Ofcourse the revenue of Mark would go on a steep downfall.
  • Employees of this big company who are well over 1700 would have a serious time with job boards, or go to court.
  • Notes, notes, where else would we read nice notes from inspired writers?
  • The word poking would be a once-upon-a-time we used to poke.
  • The guy who decided to deface the Kenya police site would feel betrayed Zuckerberg didnt even feel good that somebody thinks about him.

There is so many of these, maybe you could list em down there at the comments section. 🙂

Well, ofcourse there would be an upside to it.

  • Parents who have lost their children’s attention to facebook will have a better chance to talk to their kids during this withdrawal period, and possibly later while they learn how a twitter addiction feels like. 🙂
  • Teachers and spouses who feel that facebook has stolen the attention of their valued possessions will feel that nature has indeed given back.
  • Twitter and other social media would have a sweet time taking up millions of new followers, ofcourse with the fail whale taking the biggest day job.
  • More and more social media sites would want to go up and fill the void created, i guess google would want to revive wave and also the much rumoured google me might come to reality.
  • There would be endless parties by facebook users for meetups.

mark zuckerbergWell, not to worry coz i believe this is the rumour of the century and facebook is here to stay, the least Zuck would do is sell out to very many willing buyers than close his cash cow.


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