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Kenya Tops the World in Monthly WhatsApp Usage

Integrated Customer Experience firm Ajua and social media corporation Facebook have signed a partnership that will see commercial interactions and customer support...

Facebook’s App Cloning Division Lives Another Day, Launches Newsletter Service Bulletin

Facebook has launched its very own subscription-based newsletter, Bulletin, to tap into the growing popularity of newsletter services and products. Mark Zuckerberg,...

WhatsApp Bows Out From Limiting Features For New Privacy Policy Opposers

As privacy concerns continue to rock its camp, Facebook-owned WhatsApp is reversing the plan to limit functionalities to users who had not...
Instagram Likes

Instagram, Facebook Roll Out Options for Users to Hide Public Like Counts on Posts

Instagram and Facebook will start to roll out one highly requested feature on their platforms - options to manage the likes count...

Podcast Triple Threat: Apple, Spotify and Now Facebook

The podcast scene is getting heated up. Spotify, Apple and Facebook are getting increasingly involved in the whole business including hosting, subscriptions,...

I’m Not Deleting My Facebook and Instagram Accounts. Here’s What I’m Doing Instead

Facebook and Instagram now feature a 'Time Well Spent' feature that let users know how much time they've spent on the apps....

Facebook Ventures Into Podcasts, Begins Working On Its Own In-app Player

Facebook is going on all in on audio right as Clubhouse's reign is coming down. Just last week, the tech giant announced...
Facebook Spotify Miniplayer

Facebook Begins Rolling Out Spotify Mini-player for Podcast and Music Streaming

Last week, Facebook announced new products and features with a focus on audio. One of the products which the giant social network...

Facebook Employees Are Tired Of Cloning Apps and Features

Facebook has done a lot of cloning from rival apps. The company hasn't shied from introducing new copied features on its apps...
Facebook Audio Products and Features

Facebook Increases Efforts on Live Audio, Announces New Products and Features

The launch of the invite-only app Clubhouse early last year revolutionized social network platforms that had so far stagnated in terms of...

Biggest Social Media Data Leaks This Year So Far

As data becomes the goldmine of all time, April of 2021 has shown nothing but a continuous leakage of this resource.

Are You Kind? Facebook Is Giving You Love In 4 Minutes.

If you have been unlucky in finding a significant other during this shift in normal human interactions due to the Covid19 pandemic,...

You Can Ask For Harmful Content To Be Removed From Facebook and Instagram

The Oversight Board, which advocates or respect for free expression, through independent judgement, has announced that it will start accepting cases from...

Kenyans Parade Themselves on IMF Facebook Page Faulting Its Loans to Govt

Trust Kenyans to leverage the power of social media to give their two cents. This is something we have come accustomed to,...
Twitter Spaces Feature

Clubhouse Reign Is Declining as Rival Social Apps Catch Up

In April of last year, the invitation-only audio chat app Clubhouse launched. COVID-19 pandemic had hit the world...

Social Media Is Impeding Our Efforts Against COVID-19

Social Media is probably the most outstanding evidence of how the internet has made the world one common playroom. However, the general...
Facebook ad tracking

Facebook Will Show Prompt to iOS Users to Ask For Tracking Permission

Facebook will start showing a prompt to iOS users soon which is designed to convince them to allow ad tracking.
facebook local language support africa check

Facebook: Tips To Protect Your Privacy and Help You Stay Secure

Facebook has a lot of data on you and it's imperative that all that personal information stays private and secure. So here's a handy...
facebook uganda

Facebook Shuts Down Accounts of Top Uganda Officials Ahead of Election

Facebook has said that they have shut down a slew of accounts belonging to Ugandan officials that have been accused to manipulate...
Donald Trump Twitter

Donald Trump Deplatformed: All the Social Media Networks and Websites That Have Banned/Restricted Him So Far

There was a lot going on this past week but the complete chaos was when the US Capitol was sieged by insurrectionist...
WhatsApp Two Step Verification

Beyond Passwords: All You Need to Know

2FA also known as 2-factor authentication fortifies passwords with a second piece of information which involves a one-time passcode being sent at the time...
Tech Habits

Tech Habits to Adopt This Year

2020 hasn't been a great year for most people thanks to the crisis, chaos and the global pandemic.
facebook local language support africa check

Facebook to Roll Out Enhanced Security Options to More People in 2021

Facebook is set to offer enhanced account security options for more people come next year. Facebook Protect will now...

US Antitrust Body Seeks Injunction to Split Facebook

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that they are suing social networking giant Facebook for its monopolistic ways.
facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Starts Rolling Out in Kenya

Facebook today has announced the future rollout of Marketplace in Kenya, which is four years after Facebook rollout the service in the...
facebook to do away with classic look

Facebook Will Do Away With The Classic Blue Look on Web Soon

Facebook is set to do away with the classic blue look that we are used to on the web version of the social network. The...
Facebook Lite iOS

Facebook is Killing off Facebook Lite for iOS Due to Low Adoption

Facebook Lite, the company's slimmed down version based on the popular Snaptu app is being deactivated as per MacMagazine. The publication confirmed that the Facebook...

Report: Facebook’s Connectivity Investments Estimated to Boost Africa’s Economy by $57 Billion

  Facebook has taken a keen interest in the African market and one of the areas they are focusing on is connectivity. That is why...

Part 2: 83% of Kenyans Encountered and Shared Fake News With Friends

LinkedIn LinkedIn has been growing in the last couple of years. The Microsoft-owned social media platform is for professionals where they can list their credentials...

Part 1: 61 Percent of Kenyan Men Are on Twitter Anonymously

USIU and SIMElab have published a detailed social media report that focuses on trends and narratives. It is also likely that you have already...
Instagram Stories Full Interface

Instagram Reels Ventures Into India After Tiktok Ban

Instagram is taking advantage of the TikTok ban in India and has now swooped in to capture that market. To quickly catch you up, India...
Instagram Stories New Interface Full

Instagram Stories Will Soon Take Over Your Entire Home Feed

Instagram has been testing a double row for Stories. That's insane. But the new interface is even crazier. Here's what the old interface they were...
whatsapp payments brazil

WhatsApp Payments Suspended in Brazil by the Country’s Central Bank

Early this month, Facebook announced the introduction of WhatsApp payments and Brazil was the first country this feature would be rolling out in. This move...
zuckerberg chan

Zuckerberg, Chan ‘Disgusted’ with Trump’s Comments on Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan have responded to the requests by the over 270 scientists at the ChanZuckerbberg Initiative who called out...
facebook labelling state controlled media

Facebook Will Start Applying Labels on “State-Controlled” Publishers

Facebook is a powerful platform for news outlets to share their content to the general public. Now Facebook wants to identify to the public...