When Technology gives you Freedom


Everybody likes freedom,convenience and reliability.But then, when we become more dependent on our P.C’s , they seem to be a burden in the long.However, the technology that could have enslaved you could offer some solutions as well.This is the ability to access your computer remotely.This means that you do not have to travel back to your office or home to collect that file you forgot to carry in your computer .
Fortunately, the service is actually free in some web services while others have have the trial and premium versions. Crossloop particularly is free and it offers other amazing products.
The options below are devided inro four sections:VNC(Virtual Network Computing),NX,remote desktop and cross-protocol.
Chicken of the VNC – One of the most popular VNC clients for OS X under the GPL.
DirectVNC – UNIX client using the framebuffer device via DirectFB.
FVNC – Great VNC client written in Flash. That’s right, Flash.
MetaVNC – This unique client/server package merges the host and remote desktops together into one Windows or Linux desktop.
.NET VNC Viewer – C# viewer that works with Windows and Windows Mobile/CE devices.
PowerVNC – Java-based client with support for SSH and SFTP.
RealVNC – Server/client from the original VNC developers.
sVNC – The perfect tool for offering remote assistance to Mac users, since there’s barely any configuring required.
SymVNC – Symbian phone client for connecting to your PC.
TightVNC – Popular VNC server/client with nice Java applet.
FreeNX – Open source server using the libraries from NoMachine.
NoMachine NX Client – Free client to connect to NX machines.
NoMachine NX Free Edition – NX server for UNIX/Linux.
NoMachine NX Enterprise Desktop – Server that includes everything that the free edition has, but with unlimited users (unlike the free version’s two).
NoMachine NX Small Business Server – NX server targeting small businesses.
NoMachine NX Enterprise Server – NX Server with unlimited users and unlimited connections.
NoMachine NX Advanced Server Subscription – Everything that the Enterprise server has, plus multi-node capabilities.
Remote Desktop protocol

CoRD – Remote desktop client for Mac OS X users.
grdestkop – Gnome wrapper for the rdesktop application.
krdesktop – rdesktop frontend written in KDE.
properJavaRDP – Cross-platform Java client based on rdesktop.
Connection Manager – VNC, RDP, and Telnet manager for UNIX/Linux distros.
KDE Desktop Sharing – The official KDE VNC server package.
KDE Remote Desktop Connection – The official KDE client for RDP and VNC.
Kurd – Great rdesktop/vncviewer frontend for KDE.


  1. Wow! great solutions indeed, now @Titus would you take some time to explain how i would get any of these on a PC and some configuration 101 for dummies please?

  2. @Steve,Most definitely thats our sole purpose at Techweez,Giving out information and you get it right the first.Since the procedure its a bit lengthy,I’d prefer to do an article on one of the methods.Keep watching this space soon enough.

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