Nokia C7, how i feel about it

Nokia C7
A smart phone you can hold with four fingers while you scroll with the fifth

Nokia N8 got a smaller brother, or is it sister? Well i like both of them. The first time i laid my eyes on the Nokia C7 i fell in love. I love gadgets, and when i see one that has good service, and you can play with i get excited.

This is the newest sleek  smart phone from the Symbian ^3 range that comes with a nice little shape you wanna hold it all the time.

Nokia C7
A smart phone you can hold with four fingers while you scroll with the fifth

This is a phone you can hold with four fingers and scroll the menu features with the thumb. A phone that looks calm with a waiting-to-be-touched appeal. This phone has three customizable menus, you can have all your applications and other shortcuts on the menu, just scroll across and you view the next menu. The fact that it is a 3g phone gives it all the edge when surfing the net on the 3.5 inch AMOLED screen. If you were looking to buy a Nokia N8 and felt limited by funds, i recommend this phone, its such a great compannion. Has almost all the features the coveted Nokia N8 has

Here are the features i found on the phone that amazed me:

  • operating system is Symbian^3, great OS i tell you, mostly for those used to symbian os which is the most widely used in Africa.
  • 3.5 inch AMOLED display, nuff said, what with the tru back effect
  • Battery life, this phone has an amazing battery life
  • Great pictures with the 8 megapixel camera and sharp bright flash
  • The stainless steel casing(I didn’t say you drop it, though nothing will happen if you do)
  • 3g connectivity
  • Blue tooth 3.0
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Features to make your phone a wi-fi hotspot
  • Call/End buttons, great feature here, with multitasking you get another problem, that of opening another menu while in mid call, then figuring out how fast to minimize it to disconnect the call, with C7 you have the end call button.
  • 8gb hard drive with Micro Sd slot for adding up to 32GB of storage
  • Slim and light phone, fits easily into pocket.
  • Global navigation-you can locate where you are via ovi maps and navigate, getting the directions and names of places.
  • Skype, yeah, its already covered by skype for Symbian phones, you know what this leads to, dont you? And it has a front camera for video calls or skype calls.
  • Ovi maps challenge/Climate mission- the phone comes loaded with these two games that are not only intriguing to play but give someone so much education about maps, locations, and alot of county data like population for the maps challenge, and a good campaign about climate conservation and tree planting for the climate mission. Bring the Zain challenge on now!(what would we rather call it?) I would call these green apps.
  • Who can forget a torch, especially if it assisted you find your way to the bathroom during a blackout? Yes the Nokia C7 comes with a torch feature. This works by sliding the unlock mechanism and holding it for a while. The flash lights continuously. Havent seen a brighter flashlight. Dont flash it on people’s faces, for real, its so bright.

A great phone must have some cons, and here they are:

  • Having a great camera, you are templed to steal pictures of cute females, i have never quite figured how to mute the camera shutter sound, you will get busted.
  • The fact that you need to remove the battery to access the memory card is a drawback.

Here is one way you can utilise the Nokia C7 if you are the experimental techie. I found this seriously amazing. These guys use the Nokia C& to remote control a real car. 🙂

You can download the techweez app from ovi store HERE. Sorry for taking this long to notify techweez readers. Its been available for a long time now.


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