Two ways to avoid the facebook black image holder

Black facebook image background
Looking at the time-out mag profile picture

If you are like me you are probably bored by the high res image on facebook photos. This happens when you click an image and a big, mean, black image background pops up, before the image loads.

Well if you havent tried this, i thought i would let you in on how to avoid it, and have the old-fashioned way of doing things, no pun to technology.

Well here are the two ways to achieve that, very simple but you could miss it anyway.

Right clicking and opening on other tab

This is the easier of the two, just works faster, where you right click on the image and open in other page. You can then close the previous page, which could be the album or thumbnail of image. Browsing through other images is now on the oldfashioned, easy to load method.

Refreshing image after load

This is just going ahead and clicking on the image and then refreshing the page. Refresh the page easily by pressing F5 function button. Gives the same result, but you will have to go through the painful load of the image. I use the first method though.

Black facebook image background
Looking at the time-out mag profile picture


Happy faceboooking. 😉

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  1. You can also remove the “&theater” from the link in the address bar.

    If you’re on Chrome of Firefox 3.6-, you can install the add-on/extension : “Facebook Lightbox Killer”

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