Twitter etiquette redefined, or a case of going too far?

Sarah Bradbury

I happened to be on twitter when a certain tweep by the name Sarah Bradbury decided to equate Kenyans to some low form. This she did on following a trending topic #youdeservetobesingle. And put her thoughts to the tweet.

Well, what she thought was that since she had ten followers, all whom she knew nothing would come of it. How wrong she was. This was just a few minutes after Kenyans had won the London marathon in a clean swoop for the male category and also a Kenyan lady won Gold in the women category.

Within seconds of her tweet somebody had already noticed it and retweeted it. Well how he got to notice it, he explained himself and within the next minutes the timeline was on fire. Kenyans on twitter were on the case of Sarah Bradbury.

The venom this lady got, i bet she might not be tweeting soon. Checking an hour later she had not tweeted yet.

Sarah Bradbury
Here is the tweet that had Kenyans on twitter furious.

Oh! she tweeted, and welcomed her new kenyan follower.