Some apps to assist you in your religion quest

prayer junction app

Today is Sunday, i thought it would be nice to list some apps that you would need if you really wanted to pray but due to some reason or another you wont be able to go to church.

I sometimes have situations where i don’t go to church a certain day and i find these useful. Not only on Sunday, but anytime you want to pray. Well you can still google a bible verse and get the King James or International version. But a planned verse of the day, prayer for certain objectives would be a great plus, so here they come.
prayer junction appPrayer Junction promises to assist you learn how to pray targeted prayers that unlock your victory.This prayers cannot achieve less for you.Your prayer life will never be the same again.





prayer times
Prayer times is a moslem prayer time schedule which is automatically calculated based on GPS data. Prayer Time calculation is base on common algorithm that widely used in the world. You can chose mazhab, calculation method and how often the application will refresh location from GPS in settings menu.



pray as you goPray-as-you-go is a daily prayer session designed for use on portable MP3 players to help you pray whilst travelling to and from work study etc. It is a framework for your own prayer. Lasting between ten and thirteen minutes it combines music scripture and some questions for reflection. The aim is to help you to: become more aware of God’s presence in your life listen to and reflect on God’s word grow in your relationship with God.



BuddhistDailyBuddhistDaily This Thai language application provides Buddha’s teachings and Buddhist prayers in lovely graphical style. The application intelligently open page that is relevant to you based on both important Buddhist calendar and time of the day. It can calculate Buddhist Holy days, and Thai Buddhist Holidays for the whole year.



Sacred heart church
Sacred heart church Hear the Latest Christian Teachings feeds from sacred heart church in visakhapatnam, India.. For the latest teachings from the pastor team and also watch the latest updates of the church events published on the church’s official blog directly to your mobile. We Pray for those who have lost faith in Jesus due to sickness , Pain , troubles may they overcome it and break all barriers.


King James Vesion Bible
King James Vesion Bible This one is not free, you will part with USD 1.59 , but if you wanna have a bible handy in your phone for mobility, here is one that will fit well in your phone. You can get your church calendar and get the reading of the day. The King James Bible is said to be popular among traditionalists. And an app of the same would do good if you have always wanted to read the bible in its eternity, i tried this once but didnt complete.

I listed just 6 apps that might be of help in your quest for religion and assist you cover for the missing of Church. Am yet to see an app that picks your contribution and/or tithe, sings the choir songs and also offers the sign of peace to fellow churchgoers. So dont think this is an alternative to congregating, go and worship your maker in the formal setting.

If you know of some apps that would be of assistance to our souls please tell us in the comment section. 🙂