How you stand to gain from joining Bake


Bake, for those of who might not be aware as of now, is an association of bloggers in Kenya. We (bloggers) thought it beneficial to come together to aggregate our writing together in one website. Much has been said about it by @kachwanya and @wanjiku that i need not repeat. The association has had atleast four meetings, two of them at ihub and two other separately at Secrets and KP’s.

Now the most recent meetup was a soft launch of the bake website on friday where we discussed how we can use the website. Registration to the website was opened  and as of now we have 37 blogs, techweez included.


So how do you as a blogger stand to gain?

  • Exposure- Well you all could possible know if you want a wide reach of your nice content, unique visits matter alot.
  • Community-having access to this community you can share ideas with, we will be having BHHs (blogger happy hours). If you have always wanted to get known by the big guys in blogging and have them know and engage in your writing the time is now. The first BHH is set for June 3rd, venue not decided.
  • Something to read- I bet 80% of you didnt know half the blogs being registered on the platform. (Hands up if you knew techweez existed before today!) Yes, i happen to be one of those who love reading other people’s blogs as long as they are exciting or entertaining. But what happens if i dint follow some of these guys? I wont know when they have new stuff. Now i can go scroll the bake website and not ask on the timeline who has something to wrack my mind.
  • Ads- you were waiting for this, right? Yes, we all know that before we get a corporate’s eye and actually engage we will have had several fake raptures, and google ads does not work up right, atleast not for us. Bake will have an ads platform that will have access to all our blogs, just like google ads work. But this will be focused on those blogs, means better ability to make money. You could just find yourself living off your blog soon!

If you are of the idea that bake will work on censoring you just because of community, then we want, as members to confirm that we own this thing and not vice versa. So what we dont like, we wont go with.

Happy blogging!


  1. Will definitely join BAKE! We need to be united as bloggers and start making real cash online

  2. Thanks for the info. I joined a few days ago…and I also got to know blogs by Kenyans which I didn’t know of in the past. I relied mostly on to read blogs by Kenyans. But last time I checked was down. And yes I am a fellow Kenyan blogger at

    And I think Kenyan bloggers should also dig for blogging tips on and among others, because I still see some use URLs which disregard best SEO practices…URLs ending like p=3452? instead of a category name or post title.

    And yes I got some blogging tips on my own blog…and I’ll be adding more as I experiment with this and that.

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