Nokia bubbles is back, after a long update absense

Nokia bubbles

Nokia bubbles was a big hit for some time, but went unavailable due to some bugs that were reported by users. Well now its back, and we hope its better.

Well, just incase you dont know what this is:

Nokia Bubbles is a fun and efficient way to take a shortcut to timely or useful things on your phone.  Bubbles appears when you press the “Apps” key while your device is in sleep mode (instead of the black screen with clock and unlock button).  Simply grab a bubble and drag it to one of the available drop points to initiate the corresponding action

The new features that have been added are:

  • Smart installer support with official Qt version.
  • Settings dialog to activate/deactivate bubbles.
  • Bubble view can be deactivated with menu/power key press to return screensaver immediately.
  • Reduced timeout to bring secondary drop points visible.

Nokia bubblesNokia bubbles


Well, if like me you missed trying it last time, here’s where to try it out.

[Update] I just downloaded it, am now installing it and will tell you how it feels. Requires a 12 mb download, so be ready with your data, or get a wifi connection.