APC’s Smart-UPS 1500 – delivering essential power protection

Smart-UPS 1500
The Smart-UPS 1500

As part of the Smart-UPS range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes) offered by global leader in critical power and cooling services, APC by Schneider Electric, the Smart-UPS 1500 provides a high level of reliability and forward-looking manageability, presenting an ideal power protection strategy for a wide variety of IT equipment.

Smart-UPS 1500
The Smart-UPS 1500

The Smart-UPS 1500 provides between 980W of backup power and has eight protected 230V outlets to safeguard essential equipment from damage due to power failures or anomalies such as surges, brownouts and power spikes. This model can easily support two computers, two monitors, a cable modem, router, an external hard drive and more.
At half load (490 Watts), it will provide 23.9 minutes of runtime, while fully loaded at (980 Watts), the typical backup time is 6.7 minutes.
The Smart-UPS 1500 features a comprehensive display, extended range automatic voltage regulation (AVR), pure sine wave output, intelligent battery management and convenient user replaceable hot-swappable battery modules.The extended range AVR enhances the overall availability of the UPS by boosting the incoming voltage up to 30 percent without using the battery, thus protecting against brownout situations and preserving the battery life.
When on battery, this Smart-UPS model provides a pure sine wave output that simulates the input power from the utility and ensures compatibility with sensitive electronics. The comprehensive display on the device includes battery charge and load meters that allow network managers to determine the status of the UPS at a glance.
When the batteries need to be replaced, it can be accomplished quickly and easily without powering down the system using APC’s convenient battery module. Battery performance, life and reliability is also maximised through intelligent, precision charging.
The Smart-UPS 1500 can be managed remotely over the network, while its predictive failure notification provides an early-warning fault analysis, ensuring proactive component replacement. Also, important for an area with an unstable power supply like Kenya, the unit’s adjustable voltage sensitivity provides the ability to adapt the UPS for optimal performance in specific power environments or generator applications.

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