APC announces InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio 6.2

Vnware Vsphere

APC has announced the availability of InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio 6.2, which includes updates to InfraStruxure Central Monitoring Suite and InfraStruxure Operations Suite as well as the introduction of an integration with VMware vSphere 4.1. The new versions bring further support to an open, vendor-neutral platform that addresses data centre management needs holistically by enabling IT professionals to design, operate and manage their physical infrastructure while systematically ruling out human error.

Soeren Jensen, vice president of Data Center Software, APC noted that their ultimate goal is to help organisations plan and manage their data centre infrastructures in an efficient manner, conserve energy and maximise their resources.

“By introducing updates to our InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio, such as linking the physical infrastructure with the virtual environment through the integration with VMware vSphere, we are addressing our customers’ needs for a seamless data centre management experience and an overall increase in energy efficiency and decrease in costs.”

InfraStruxure Operations Suite 6.2 offers enhanced network management capabilities, including a new network report to provide a complete overview of available and used network capacity. With the bi-directional integration into VMware vSphere, customers can quickly locate the physical location of a virtual machine and in the case of power, cooling or environmental physical infrastructure events, virtual machines are moved from impacted host servers to healthy hosts for uninterrupted uptime and availability.

Also new to InfraStruxure Operations Suite 6.2 is the one-click configuration and setup of InfraStruxure solutions incorporated in APC by Schneider Electric’s innovative data centre design and configuration tool, InfraStruxure Designer. This new feature enables users to automatically import room shape, equipment placement and power and cooling dependencies from InfraStruxure Designer into InfraStruxure Operations.
Vnware Vsphere

InfraStruxure Central Monitoring Suite 6.2 offers customers a real-time data centre monitoring system that can be deployed instantly, managed from anywhere and integrated with other management systems with features such as consolidated reporting that provides easy access to all reports in one dashboard, including “sensor history”, “saved” and snapshots of battery age, UPS load, device inventory and environmental conditions. Other new features include future trending enabling users to understand future environments based off historic data and customisable alerts to help an organisation comply with its established IT processes and procedures. InfraStruxure Central 6.2 also incorporates InfraStruxure Management Migration Utility that enables streamlined migration of information from InfraStruxure Manager to InfraStruxure Central 6.2.


InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio 6.2 has expanded the existing service offer with InfraStruxure Central Configuration for improved appliance installation and application configuration; InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency Configuration, a new service that organises the InfraStruxure Energy Efficiency Application to provide a dashboard into the data centre PUE and subsystem analysis; and InfraStruxure Administrator Training, an updated offering for the administrators of InfraStruxure software.

InfraStruxure Management Software Portfolio 6.2 seamlessly operates alongside and integrates with management systems and data centre equipment from various vendors.