Twitter almost doing away with the #OLDTWITTER

old twitter

I know most of you cant remember the last time you switched over to the old twitter. I do sometime, and am saying this at the risk of being branded oldschool. Well the reason i do so is to see which twitter client a tweep has tweeted from. Yeah, so i can tell whether they are tweeting from desktop and have voluntarily turned off the skype/google talk chat not to talk to me. #youknowyourself

Yeah so there i was on old twitter and noted the usual colour and notification, cant remember, it was either some shade of green or a very bright yellow.old twitter
The text is whats the main difference, previously it was “This version of twitter wont be available for long” well it has been long. Currently  notifies that “You will be automatically upgraded to New Twitter very soon”. No options here, if you have been lagging behind Old-is-golding its time to smell the tweet!