Huawei Announces Unique Hybrid Digital TV


Huawei has today announced its unique Hybrid Digital Television Solution to representatives in Africa who include television and network service providers. Huawei’s solution is a one video solution that covers all market and the entire spectrum of Digital TV platforms.


Aside from HD or 3D picture, Digital TV services can provide two way interactivity thus allowing for interactive services such as education, shopping, communications, VoD service, polling and connection to Social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Personal Content services, such as Picasa, Flickr, YouTube.  This solution will bring a much better user experience to the end-user.


“Africa’s current plan is to move from analog to digital TV service (i.e. DVB-T or DTT/DTH service). Huawei can deliver this solution to meet the broadcaster and market needs. In addition, Huawei’s digital TV solution covers the entire spectrum of digital TV service delivery via Terrestrial, Satellite, Mobile and Fixed Broadband network”, said Ted Hsiung, Chief Marketing Officer for Huawei Digital Home product line.  We have a strong R&D and remain fully committed to assist service providers to meet present and future market requirements of Digital TV, he adds.


Service providers can benefit from increased efficiency in spectrum usage i.e. more channels in the same frequency. Other benefits service providers can offer are more channels, better user experience, electronic programme guide, close captioned and interactive services.



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