How an SMS text can get you charged in court

sms that could take you to court

A man by the name Rajab in Kenya found himself on the wrong side of the law by sending a text he might have considered firtative, but the girl didnt quite think so. Video was uploaded by Citizen Tv, a Kenyan television channel after covering a court process. The details of the text were:

Ndizi alimuuliza chungwa, kwa nini ukiliwa lazima unyonywe? Chungwa kasema, mwenzio nisiponyonywa, siskii raha kabisa, na wewe je?

The rest of the sms contents are in this image below;sms that could take you to court
Now you know when you are sending those texts, they might end up being your way at the bar. Watch the video for more details on the charge.

Sadly most of us passed a constitution that they had not read. Its time to read it and get to know whether you are on the wrong footing. Rajab was charged with improper use of Licensed Telecommunication System, and was released on a cash bail of Kshs 5000. Next time you could consider using sign language, that cannot be recorded.


  1. This is useless news.we have a lot of SERIOUS crimes going on.people dont get a chance to stand before a judge and you give this case a hearing??’Justice’ is crying in shame!’if you have time to arrest people for sending messages(which by the way was about how a fruit likes to be eaten),if the media has time to cover this useless story…THIS ONLY SPEAKS VOLUMES OF WHY KENYA IS STAGNATED,first priorities first.corruption,murder,rape and evil vices come before a stupid text message!

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