Huawei Roadshow to showcase its latest LTE mobile broadband

Huawei RoadShow
Huawei has embarked on a road show to demonstrate the latest technologies in broadband . The  Huawei mobile broadband demo truck crew will be visiting some hotspots in Gauteng, including MTN and Vodacom corporate parks before continuing the exciting journey to other countries in Africa and abroad. 

Huawei mobile broadband (MBB) is a unique end-to-end ALL-IP solution that will assist operators to increase their revenue, improve network bandwidth and subsequently save costs.  The SingleRAN LTE solution can help mobile subscribers with smart phones or smart devices such as tablets to access the internet at high speeds, making social networking such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube faster and more enjoyable. The in-process submarine cables and land fibre laying will address the previous bandwidth challenges that the country initially faced.  It will be possible for everyone to create, access and share information in a completely mobile networked anywhere, anytime with any device.Huawei RoadShow

“The mobile broadband traffic in Africa will increase more than 30 times in five years and traffic generated by South Africa will be about 20 times in the same period”

In recent years, Huawei has deployed the world’s first LTE commercial network in Oslo, Norway with TeliaSonera, achieving speeds f 96Mbps and a maximum rate of 100Mbps.  In South Africa, Huawei has deployed MBB solution for mainstream telecoms operators, which has increased their data revenue faster.

“Traditional network construction has strangled the profit potential of mobile broadband with high deployments costs and subsequently high tariffs. To curtail costs, operators require a enhanced spectrum efficiency, simplify network architecture and  smart operation of the mobile broadband network.  Huawei MBB solutions aims to reduce operational costs for telecoms operators through an integrated network (GSM/UMTS/LTE)  which can save the total cost of ownership (TCO) though less investment on hardware, easy and fast deployment  as well as simple maintenance”, said Peng Song, COO of Huawei Africa.

Huawei innovative SingleRAN was specifically designed to meet network convergence demand and it is widely deployed across the world.  With this solution, customers can evolve network from GSM/ UMTS  to LTE just by upgrading software. It has also been successful  in accommodating different wireless standards and enabling smooth future evolution.