Nokia 500, the new Symbian 1Ghz smartphone

Nokia 500

Nokia announced the first symbian anna 1Ghz smartphone globally. Promises to be cheap with all the smartphone features packed in. There was this rumour that Nokia will launch a 1Ghz phone but the rumour had it that the phone would be a series 40 phone. Well, a twist to that is that the phone, Nokia 500 is a Symbian Anna smartphone, tagged with the phrase “touch screen smartphone that refuses to compromise on quality or performance”.Nokia 500 This phone comes with a 5 megapixel camera, internal storage of  2gb and external of upto 32gb. Nokia notes that this is an entry level phone(pricewise) that does not compromise on quality. The phone comes in two colours, black and white, with black available first (Q3) and white later (Q4). Battery covers are more coloured, with black, orange, khaki, purple, coral red, and azure blue. Three more colours, green, pink and dark silver will be available in Q4. And it has dial and disconnect buttons alongside the menu button. Looks like it has 2 home screens. Watch the demo video Price: € 150 before taxes