Facebook responds to Google plus, adds new games features

facebook games revamp

This is getting interesting! Barely hours after google announces Google+ games, facebook responds promising a whole new list of features to Facebook games, promising an easier way to play with friends. Social media wars are on a season’s high with twitter giving us a user experience of our life to fight off the experience with Twitpic developer’s social media site Heello, google plus with games and facebook with a revamped gaming experience.facebook games revamp

Users are in for better days.

Facebook has developed a new Games ticker where you will see a separate stream of friends’ gaming activity, scores and achievements. And also to see what they are playing. Sadly you cant play games with secure browsing on, which I always do. You can start playing a game that you have noted one of your friends is playing by the notifiers on the stream.

Facebook controls remain there, as you can regulate who sees what in your settings, where you can select what game activity to show and what not….and to whom. Also introduced is a bigger screen for playing games, and you can expand this to full screen. You will also be able to bookmark apps and games by clicking the menu next to bookmarks.

Thanx Ken for the heads up.


  1. Hi funny enough I wrote a post on my blog about social network wars from back then http://thesetta.com/social-network-wars/- 

    Nice take.

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