Twitter adds tweetbox to reply right from a user’s profile

twitter stream

I dont know if anyone else has seen this feature I just stumbled on, but I thought it to be a random feature that twitter just added silently.twitter stream
I was just looking at Techweez blog twitter page from my personal blog when I saw this tweetbox, not on the usual place but on a different user account. The message in the tweetbox being Tweet to @techweez. Apparently the feature also shows on protected accounts.twitter tweetbox
Twitter has talked on their blog of an improved user stream where you will be able to see whats happening to twitter in relation to you by clicking on your @username tab. This will  enable you to see which of your tweets are being retweeted or tweets directed to you and your new followers.

Another feature is the activity tab, with which you can highlight latest favourites, retweets and follows from the people you follow, all in one place. This feature has not rolled out to all users though. With that there was no mention at all of a tweetbox right infront of a different tweeter user’s profile.

Have you seen any of these features?


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