Microsoft releases Windows phone SDK 7.1

nokia windows phone

Windows phone SDK now has a new version which was announced today by Microsoft. Windows phone SDK is now at version 7.1. This version delivers finalised API’s as well as the ‘Go Live’ license which will allow developers to submit their apps to Windows Marketplace. Current windows phone devs are advised to use the latest SDK to update apps and resubmit them to the windows phone

The new release based on windows mango OS is meant to make developers get a great platform to develop for windows mango phones. See Nokia developer’s windows phone section for release notes.

Nokia and Microsoft are also going to deliver new hands-on training sessions for Windows Phone. Dates have been announced for Italy, UK, Spain, France and Germany. Microsoft experts will provide training for Silverlight and XNA Game Studio and to create cool UI’s with Microsoft Metro. Familiar Nokia faces will be on hand to show how to take your content into the Windows Marketplace for the forthcoming Nokia with Windows Phones. Other countries will follow shortly. Register for the training session nearest to you.