Samsung taking over meego from Intel [RUMOUR]

meego samsung

Wouldnt it be a takeover of the season? I mean, we all know what meego is capable of, look at the Nokia N9 and the N900, and currently doesnt have a suitor owning to it. Nokia decided to maximize on Windows phone, leaving meego in the cold with just one device, the N9. Add Googorola into the recipe, the not-so-strong Bada, not much developer support on Samsung OS  and you have a perfect wedding of Samsung and Meego. A dream wedding with a honeymoon on the moon itself.meego samsung

A German blog has it that Samsung is courting meego and there could be a buyout from Intel. Previously Samsung has been linked to Palm webOS, a claim it has come to deny vehemently twice on the Samsung Tomorrow blog. But what if this one is true? What are the possible outcomes? Could this be the huge announcement Samsung has in plan for 2012?

We all know that Samsung devices and a very loved meego would be recipe for worry for competitors. A wait and see is imminent.

There is a Google Translate of the original post on the German blog done by Meego experts here:

Meego, this unloved baby penguin that has emerged from the former partnership between Intel and Nokia (aka Moblin and Maemo), makes the final Graetsch, at least when seen from the perspective of “Chipzillas”. Several sources have confirmed to us in recent days that Intel Meego, one of the most subsidized Linux derivatives, and therefore no other support is practically disposed of. This does not mean that the MeeGo community to worry about the continued existence of this operating system need to worry, because apparently Samsung will step into the breach and continues to lead the future development.

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