KTraffic App Review

Ktraffic app, Ktraffic ovi app

We are always on the move; client meetings, business lunches or even rushing home and half the time, we are in a rush and do not take the time to map out our route so as to get to our destinations in the least amount of time possible. People always say ”Time is Money” and if you calculated the amount of time, you spend in traffic, driving to meetings or a business dinner and converted that to money, you would be amazed at how much money you lose. Well, you can kiss all that goodbye, thanks to the new KTraffic App.

Ktraffic app, Ktraffic ovi appThe app allows you to check which roads are less congested or those that are moving, get alernative routes that you can use especially if you are in a hurry. The best thing about this app is that you get to see actual images of the roads in real time!

Once you download and launch this app, it gives you a list of all the major roads in Nairobi as well as a search option where you can type in the name of a road you are looking for. For example, if you work in Westlands and are trying to get to the Central Business District, the KTraffic app gives you a image showing the traffic situation in that area as well the available road alternatives you can use. For Westlands, you have the option of using the Sarit Centre roundabout, Museum Hill and Limuru Forest Road depending on where you’re coming from.

If you choose, Limuru Forest Road, it will give you an image of Limuru Road, the traffic situation on that road as well as other road alternatives that you can use, which in this case are Muthaiga Roundabout, Ojijo Road and Museum Hill. We all know how crazy traffic can get in Nairobi so the KTraffic, makes it easy for you to map your route to your destination with the least hustle.

Whether it’s a meeting or you are rushing home for a family dinner, do not let the traffic alter mood. Instead, download the KTraffic app on your Nokia phone and watch as your days of being stuck in traffic on a Saturday afternoon or getting to meetings late vanish!

The traffic feeds are powered by AccessKenya cameras, so refresh rate of the application data is also dependent on Access Kenya cameras.

Beatrice Thumi