Google plus now open with 9 more features

Google plus
Hangouts on your phone: Stream View (left), Green Room (center), Portrait Mode (right)

So finally Google plus is open to all, no invites, just clicking here and you can create your profile immediately. However, its not yet available for google apps account holders. Previously during trial Google plus has undergone over 100 changes and improvements to make it what it is. Before today, Google had not implemented the last 9 of its changes, and this has happened with the 100th one being opening it up to the whole world. Google plus is just 90 days old!

The 9 changes announced today are:

  • Adding hangouts to the phone: To join a hangout on phone you just check an active hangout and click join. See images below.
Google plus
Hangouts on your phone: Stream View (left), Green Room (center), Portrait Mode (right)

Ofcourse since hangouts are videos you ought to have a front facing camera and the google plus mobile app which currently supports Android 2.3 and above devices, no backward compatibility, sorry froyo users. iOS support coming soon.

  • Hangouts on air:

Hangouts on air are just normal hangouts with an added option to broadcast to upto 9 more users. Looks more like a public interview where the 9 users in the hangout can be seen by anyone watching. Great way to organize a public forum, this feature is limited to a number of broadcasters, so you wont be a web tv presenter as yet. First on Air hangout will be aired on September 21st hosted by

  • Hangouts with extras:
  1. Screensharing: for when you want to show off your vacation photos, your high score, your lesson plan or whatever else is on your screen
  2. Sketchpad: for when you want to draw, doodle, or just scribble together
  3. Google Docs: for when you want to write, plan or present something with others
  4. Named Hangouts: for when you want to join or create a public hangout about a certain topic (like fashion or music or sports…)
  5. The extras are still under construction, but we wanted to preview these features and get your feedback sooner versus later. So start a hangout, click “Try Hangouts with extras” in the green room, and let us know what you think.
  • Hangouts APIs

You will get Google+ Hangout APis for developers wishing to develop apps and games for google+. Details about this here.

  • Enhanced search within Google+

Apparently this was a user request that Google+ developers fulfilled, you can search for stories or people that you like, eg photography search on the search box will return relevant people and posts.

  • The hundredth item google+ was added is the opening to all. There is still ongoing work though, wasnt able to perfectly fit 100, so here are the other things coming soon.