Nokia Siemens Launches new Broadband technology Liquid Net

Liquid Net

Nokia Siemens Networks earlier today launched a new product called Liquid Net for Broadband delivery. This will see operators set up their networks to self-adapt to meet capacity and coverage requirements based on demand.

  • · Radical new approach shares resources to meet unpredictable broadband demand
  • · Delivers services and content fluidly across the network, anywhere at any time

Liquid Net

Liquid Net’s automated self adapting broadband optimization covers the gap that is created by high data consumption per user per day, unpredictable demand, fluctuating between locations at different times as people use broadband at home, at work and on the move. Abrupt changes in broadband use can also occur when, say, new device software is launched, or updates to popular applications and over-the-top services are released, leaving operators no time to prepare.

Liquid Net will make customers aware of network’s operational status and services being consumed, boosting customer experience. Additionally, Liquid Net channels traffic in the transport network along the path of least resistance and lowest cost between operator sites.

Liquid Net builds on the principles of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Liquid Radio architecture. It adds Liquid Core and Liquid Transport functionality to the network which can be implemented either separately in multi-vendor environments or in concert across an operator’s entire network to bring the full benefits of Liquid Net to bear.Liquid Radio, Liquid Core and Liquid Transport can be implemented together or separately in the network for fluid capacity, coverage and services at any time, which can be advantageous in multi-vendor networks. Yet by evolving the whole network, the full potential of fluid capability can be achieved.