Nokia to replace Series 40 with Meltemi, Qt Linux Based OS

Nokia Meltemi

Nokia MeltemiThe operating system discussion is not getting any low tempo yet, with the recent developments of Nokia abandoning meego, moving to windows phone, samsung on its end taking up meego and overhauling it, and many other OS developments, I get this information that Nokia is working on another one. This time for its low end phones. Recently Nokia has been upgrading the user interface of series 40 phones, and its evident by the push to have more Series 40 apps on the Nokia store, and the revamped Nokia browser for Series 40. Nokia also said that they are pushing Series 40 and will adapt QT fully for Series 40 phones that run on Java.

So apparently I have landed on this wad of data that Nokia is actually working on a QT based Linux Operating System codenamed Meltemi. Meltemi is a Greek word meaning dry summer winds that blow across the Aegean Sea from the north. Development of this OS is being led by Ms Mary McDowell, Nokia’s executive vice president in charge of mobile phones. About the success of such ventures of from-scratch-in-a-cut-throat-competition-ridden-devices-world we will have to do a wait and see. Nokia competes in this niche of low end phones with Chinese phone makers and Samsung, all which use their own OS for this level of devices.

There is also a sleeping Giant that has been stealing the show in this market, mainly Africa, South America and Asia while others are asleep, and that’s Tecno, also developing their own OS and App store(I will cover this later).