The Difficult Old LPT Days


You are a geek but the only ways you have ever used to connect two computers is a WIFI Gateway or wired RJ45 Termination? well I think you don’t have an idea how far Technology has traveled and how far it is going. Oh well I am not blaming you. Of course I know you were never taught that in college. But for Us guys who have been teaching ourselves stuff, we have faced a lot and always strive to learn new stuff every day.

Back in the Days when Window 95 was as good as Today’s Windows 7 and all the rumors of upcoming Windows 98 withe new features that put everyone in a smile.

Well We used to connect two computers using the LPT port (The Parallel port) well that may sound funny because for most that is meant for printers and similar peripherals. You should understand by then a computer with a LAN port, was supposed to be a privilege not a necessity. Most Ethernet cards anyway were rated at 10mbps not like now we have Gigabit ones. On the other hand most laptops shipped with no Ethernet port, you had to buy a PCMCIA one.

I am going to show here how the cable was made (yeah you didn’t get a cable off the self to do this stuff). You needed two male heads of the DB25 cable which usually involved getting to destroy 2 printer cables. Get the two heads and connect the pins as Below (NB. This head has 25 pins so the pin that gat no partner means we aint using it)

2           15
3            13
4            12
5            10
6            11
10           5
11           6
12           4
13           3
15            2

You now had to use the Microsoft direct cable connection wizard to set the Host and guest computer.

The last time I checked this was working with windows Xp and perfectly well with windows 98

And FIY you can do this also via the serial port using the Null modem Cable