Would you swim with your Samsung Galaxy S 2? Read on

Wet Samsung Galaxy S 2

I have always been curious about this, how my Samsung Galaxy S 2 would handle water if it fell in. I once dropped a Nokia N8 in a basin of water and nothing happened.  You know, that is not something you would do on this lifetime at freewill, I mean, $600 is alot to play with, unless…

Well, save you that, here is an experience from Lars, a Samsung Galaxy S 2 owner from Sweden. This is more than a basin of water.

Wet Samsung Galaxy S 2

Last monday we had a 12 hour staff party at the job. Wet and Wild. The lobster and crab was great and the drinks tasted fine. But something must have been poisonous or maybe someone spiked my drink. Anyway I ended up falling overboard as we docked back at the port, carrying two cell phones, one of which was my three week old Galaxy S2, both of them on at the time.

I was pulled up quite quickly and took out my batteries right away. The Galaxy must have fallen out of my pocket as I changed into dry clothes. So when I came home I did not even have it with me. Next morning, full of regrets, I went back to the boat and found the Galaxy on the floor, still wet.

I took it home and thinking that it could not get any wetter  than it already was, I put it in a small bucket with lukewarm tap water to rinse out any salty residue from the brackish sea water we have here. I also added a drop of dish water detergent and shook it around for a good while to clean out other pollutants. Rinsed out and let it simmer in fresh water for several hours. Later I bought a litre of destilled water and had the Samsung soak in that for some 10 hours, before hanging it up to dry out.

For several days I maintained a routine of having the smartphone lie in the sun inside a window during days, and at nights in an airtight plastic bucket together with the type of silicone gel desiccants that often come packed with electronics when you buy them new.

The following weekend I fit a new battery and tried switching the unit on. Nothing, dead as a Dodo! Sunday evening I gave up all hope and decided to bite the bullet and ordered a new one. It arrived wednesday. Then a girl at the job mentioned that she had had a wet cellphone spring to life after about two months. So I made another try switching the ‘old one’ on. And voilá, it came on! It works fine, as far as I can see.
Now I have two.

The older Ericsson plain cell phone is still dead though.



The phone still lives to date, only an experienced deep water diver. 🙂