KDN Launches Malindi Metro Lease Circuit Fiber

KDN Metro lease circuits

KDN Metro lease circuitsKenya Data Networks has completed setting up the Metro Lease Circuits in Malindi Town and they are ready for use. So you can expect the internet infrastructure use to be more stable in Malindi. A Metro Lease Circuit, a dedicated point to point service provided within a town though a fiber network meaning its not re-engineered, so no sharing.

The Metro Lease Circuit will support existing KDN services and also provide ISPs and Mobile Service Providers with reliable, resilient and high bandwidth connections. This infrastructure an also be used by individual corporates to boost their infrastructure to cater for the ever rising demand for data.

With the ever increasing demand for voice and data and the imminent evolution to 4G mobile technologies, there is high demand from corporates for Voice E1s and inter-branch connections, and ISPs are looking for more Points of Presence (POPs). Broadcasters moving to digital transmission will need stability in their interconnections and the growth of the internet and e-commerce will require the use of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) systems for effective and efficient business guarantees. KDN’s Metro Lease Circuits meet the standard for the kind of quality in connection sought by business entities seeking to get more out of the ICT infrastructure they use.
KDN has targeted four high potential towns with its Metro Circuits namely; Malindi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu.

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