Did twitter just get rid of twitter activities silently?

twitter activities

twitter activitiesIts not long ago that twitter introduced a feature called activities, that allowed a user to preview what they and their friends were doing in realtime. Also allowed you to see more than just mentions but follows, retweets, favourites…everything short of telling when a stalker has DM-ed a stalkee. I just woke up and noticed that feature gone, yeah..like gone with the wind. Well I had to confirm from my friend @waithash that they also actually see that too.

Twitter users had mixed reactions to the feature, others liking it, others plainly hating it for exposing minute details of the stuff happening live, like (User X favourited that suggestive tweet from a user Y of the opposite sex). That was trackable realtime. There has been happenings around social media websites, mainly Facebook, Twitter and Google+ trying to outdo each other by trying to introduce features that are unique to competitors, inorder to woo more users or keep existing ones. Well mostly people have been responding negatively. The activities feature was like twitter’s response to facebook for introducing the facebook timeline, so users felt like twitter is now going facebook-ish. We’ll just wait and see what comes off this one.