The coming of WordPress 3.3


What could you have thought about the next WordPress release version?
Wordpress 3.3 is due to be released on 29th 2011. It has awesome features among them is a resemblance of Google images capability to drag and drop media from your local computer to your web application. In the case of WordPress, you can drag any acceptable media from you local computer to the installer. The media interface is now simple and clean to use with all the add media buttons combined into one. If you are lover of menus, then WordPress 3.3 has flying menus of which you don’t need to click to trigger all the menu under a certain tab. I like the on hover way of WordPress despite it has been a debate on the new menu design on WordPress 3.3.
Tooltip and pointers will notify the user on any additional feature on the WordPress platform installation of which he is working on. I am just guessing that this could be inspired by one the best jQuery feature I was learning the other day of a tool call jQuerytools. If you are a web developer kindly see a classic way you can tweak your tooltips on jQuerytools site. It’s not the only jQuerytools tip, you can Google for more too.
In addition the WordPress 3.3 admin panel has been made responsive. The admin and widgets panel are resized whenever you decrease your browser window size.
There are better features on WordPress 3.3 if you can download and install it locally you can be able to see what exactly is in store for you. Else you can view its demo online.


  1. WordPress 3.3 is still in beta, so any upgrades should be done on test sites, and not on the main site, unless, ofcourse you are the theme developer and understand what you are doing. Lets see what jQuery 1.7 provides. I have always been slow to upgrade wordpress, till a hack came my way via SQL injection to overwrite the index file. But atleast 3.3 is not a security upgrade.

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