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Tech Tamasha Western Edition

Techweez Takes Tech Tamasha to Kisumu, Here are Some Key Highlights from the City’s LakeHub

Having conceptualized the idea of one-of-a-kind, ICT-based conference a few months ago, Techweez, a leading technology blog set the wheels in motion with a...
Popular Articles Twitter

Twitter’s New ‘Popular Articles’ Section is Bad News for Nuzzel

This is great for catching up to News being shared around your Twitter network

Safaricom announced as title sponsors for 2016 Kenya Blog Awards

In January, the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has today announced the launch of the 5thKenyan Blog Awards.  The announcement followed the call up for blogger...

Introducing the Techweez Forums: The Place Where Great Tech Conversations Start

If you have noticed over the last 5 months something has been brewing… the Techweez forums. We have not been screaming from the rooftops...
top100 Gadget blogs 2013

Techweez rated 37 among top 100 gadget blogs to follow in 2013

The guys over at  Coupon Audit have today published a list of 100 blogs that focus on Gadgets that people need to follow in...
sw50 bluetooth speaker

International Giveaway! Free SW50 Bluetooth Speaker from Gearzap

Techweez and Gearzap have partnered to give you our reader one of the best accessory for the office. Gearzap sells accessories on-line and they...

Types of Cloud Storage As a Service (SaaS)

Ask any a CIO to explain SaaS today and he or she will have a lot in mind to talk about. What if you...

Windows Intune brings in “Bring Your Own Device strategy”.

 Microsoft has of lately acknowledge its best interests to offer third party devices which in its priority includes Apple iOS based devices and Google...

Android Ubuntu Installer review

Want to enjoy the popular desktop Linux OS Ubuntu on your Android powered mobile device, it can't get easier than this - the free "Ubuntu Installer"...
LG Optimus 3D

How secure is your data on Mobile devices?

If an unsecure enterprise mobile device is lost or stolen, its owner can do nothing to ensure the safety of the data stored on...

USB Stick Contains Dual-Core Computer, Turns Any Screen into an Android Station

Think of powerful portable cellphones and tablets are the future of mobile computing?, how about a small usb-stick sized computing powerhouse with dual-core 1.2-GHz...

Occupy HTML Movement pleading to its users

This could be the Web uprising that may define the future web standards. After the creation of the Occupy Flash, here come ups the...

Occupy Flash movement Campaign

Did Adobe expect this? Can you Imagine Adobe flash being a forgotten feature and plug-in in the web? Just recently Adobe cancelled development of...

The coming of WordPress 3.3

What could you have thought about the next Wordpress release version? Wordpress 3.3 is due to be released on 29th 2011. It has awesome features...

Enterprise Collaboration Platforms going social Vs. IT Security and Privacy

Enterprise collaboration platforms are having a hard time meeting workers’ new expectations for how they share information with colleagues. Consumers today can share specific information...

Ubuntu 14.04 to expand its territories to Smartphone, tablets and smart TVs

In recent web news, Mark Shuttle worth, the de facto leader of Ubuntu development, announced that future versions of the OS will be optimized...

Blackberry Subscribers Offered Free APPs

Blackberry maker Research In Motion said earlier this week it would offer its user free premium applications to download onto their handsets as compensation...

Dennis Ritchie, creator of the C programming language and co-creator of the Unix operating system, has died aged 70.

Dennis Ritchie is an American computer scientist who invented the C programming language in 1972 for Bell Telephone Labs.  Ritchie is co-author of the...

Google unveil a social platform Google+

The king of Internet search Engines Google has launched its Social platform Google+ on 28 June 2011.  Quoted from a blog Google's senior vice...

Cloud based data backup recovery best practice 1

Hoping you have done your homework in interest to my previous article on cloud based data backup recovery.  Which process can you use to...

My first live blog

Live blog of me, totally random. 11.46 Trying out this thing we call live blogging. Tell me how it looks like from your end. 11.49 I will use...
Merry Christmas

Techweez wishes you a merry Christmas

We at Techweez would like to wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a very Prosperous new year. We thank you alot for...

Martin Gicheru quoted in Business Daily

Techweez writer and web designer at Infoken Solutions,  Martin Gicheru was last week (Thursday 5th) quoted in the Business Daily in an article regarding Social...

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